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Saberi Roy

Saberi Roy

Saberi Roy is a poet, writer and analyst and writes and publishes articles on a broad range of social, political, psychological and religious issues. She has several degrees in many subjects and is also an avid traveler.
 Year of Controversies and Next Decade of Change by Saberi Roy
Looking back at 2009, it has been an eventful and controversial year with Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, Fake trials in Iran and Burma. Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue”, EU Parliament Elections 2009, the UN summit on Climate Change,
 Innocent lives caught in war - Gaza by Saberi Roy
Nearly 1000 people have been killed in Gaza with thousands wounded and political leaders, Nobel laureates, activists have demanded a ceasefire in Gaza, which has now been voted for, maybe a bit too late. During the entire operation, Israel has con
 India-Pakistan, Terrorism and the White House by Saberi Roy
It happens all over again. A sense of déjà vu, a sense of pattern. The threats, the bombs, the deaths and the rage. Terror attacks in Indian cities are now common and the Indian government is once again shaken, awake and shifts blame to
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 Senses and Sensibilities: Changing Perceptions by Saberi Roy
Sense perceptions are probably the most important condition of being alive as we live because we perceive and vice versa. ‘Living is perceiving’ and perceiving provides awareness of the state of the world around us and the senses form
 Obamafied, Obamania, Obamamatopoeia and... suddenly Sarah! by Saberi Roy
The US elections have until now seen many twists and turns and continue to remain one of the most interesting political shows in recent times with new tactics, new debates and new vocabulary. Obama’s rise has been meteoric since he was only
 Globalization and the Role of NGOs by Saberi Roy
NGOs or non-governmental organizations are characterized by their focus on long term goals addressing social issues that have direct impact on greater public benefits. NGOs are typically non profit organizations as well and tend to move beyond the
 Gender and Society - are women still a minority? by Saberi Roy
I have been traveling widely for the last few years and although like any artist I have often felt that I have transcended my smaller identities, like gender for instance, society it seems has a way of reminding people that there are barriers to m
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