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Rohingya Human Rights

Rohingya Human Rights

The Rohingya community of Arakan, Burma ( Myanmar ) is one of the most unfortunate and down-trodden minority groups of the world, who have been constantly subjected to gross human rights violation decades after decades by the military rulers of Burma who have turned Burma into a secret state of terror since 1962. The Council for Restoration of Democracy in Burma (CRDB) has been working for the restoration of Democracy in Burma as well as for the restoration of human rights of Rohingya community. Our Email: crdb.rohingyas@gmail.com
 Ban Ki-moon and Obama's Burma visit by Rohingya Human Rights
 ASEAN must not remain aloof from Rohingya dilemma as it is a regional issue by Rohingya Human Rights
 Rohingyas: caught in a crisis of existence by Rohingya Human Rights
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 900 Rohingyas per day fleeing Arakan by Rohingya Human Rights
 The ever largest Refugee Exodus Awaits as Myanmar drafted Rohingya plan" Accept the term Bengali or be detained" by Rohingya Human Rights
 World community should not turn blind eye on Myanmar's severe brutality on Muslim minority by Rohingya Human Rights
The Rakhine State (historically known as Arakan), is one of seven ethnic minority states which were formed under the constitution of 1974. The Rohingya Muslim population is mostly concentrated in the three northern townships: Maungdaw, Buthidau
 State Terrorism in Arakan and the situation of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh by Rohingya Human Rights
It is not often you meet someone who tells you that he is from “a people at the brink of extermination.” But the testimonies from refugees in a remote corner of southern Bangladesh, on the border with Burma, justify that assessment.
 International arms intervention in Burma is most crucial and inevitable by Rohingya Human Rights
The Panglong Conference held on 12th  February 1947, was an historic meeting that took place at Panglong in the Shan States in Burma between the Shan, Kachin and Chin ethnic minority leaders and general Aung San, head of the interim Burmese g
 The current unrest in Tunisia and Egypt is an exemplary Lesson for the people and ruler of Burma by Rohingya Human Rights
Burma a country where military dictators are ruling for about  50 years by ignoring public mandate. The army generals are most corrupted and become multimillionaires. None dare to talk or comment against the barbaric activities of the ruler.
 Thai Police to Deport 91 Rohingyas to Burma by Rohingya Human Rights
Police in Thailand have arrested 91 Rohingya boat people after they landed on the country's southern coast and are planning to deport them to Burma, an AFP report said. The group, all men of different ages, were detained after coming ashore on Saturda
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