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Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Studied chemical engineering, worked in research, fire service and waste industry. Now living in East Finland and working as a cook/winemaker in his family business.
 Some thoughts about the conversion from snail-mail to e-mail by Rinso
Introduction:The Finnish postal service has started a test to scan normal mail and deliver it as e-mail.Letters will be opened in the post office, scanned and send as e-mail to the recipient. The letter itself will be delivere
 The end of copyright protection? by Rinso
The (e-)magazines covering computers and software, report almost daily about claims of copyright infringement. It is probably the “hottest” topic in the cyber world nowadays.In the past, the production of a creativ
 The cost of fire by Rinso
Matti Orrainen, the director of the Finnish National Rescue Association, has proposed that a sprinkler installation is installed in every house in Finland. The idea is that this could prevent nearly every fire death
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 Panic! Wolves in the village by Rinso
Since the first snow a couple of weeks ago, there are wolf trails to be seen in the village. A few days ago, this made the newspapers and even the TV-news. Scared parents don't want their children to walk through
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