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Richard Stanford

Richard Stanford

When I'm not writing short stories and essays or producing documentary films in Montréal, I can be found mucking about in my gardens trying to create the perfect eggplant.
 Family PortraitsFamily Portraits by Richard Stanford
One day, or night, someone in each of these farmhouses sealed the windows, closed the curtains, looked around the empty rooms, stepped out the front door and locked it shut.   They turned and walked away, leaving behind the laughter o
 The Fedora Kid by Richard Stanford
He took dead aim naturally without thinking about it under the bright sunlight, withou
 Under The Big Sky by Richard Stanford
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 The Postcard by Richard Stanford
Chiaroscuro. Silvery moonlight dapples through motionless lace curtains, the only illumination in the dark, dead room. The door opens slowly, revealing a BOY, 6 years old, wide, dark eyes, fearful yet carrying on through with the opening of the
 At any price - The story of the Megantic Outlaw by Richard Stanford
 Marching As To War by Richard Stanford
The bus drove away, leaving me alone on the highway surrounded by a flat plain of wind-swept grass.  On the other side of the highway, I could see the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, the waves quietly ebbing the shoreline.  Behind me I
 The Postcard by Richard Stanford
If there were bars on the windows the two-storey Filmer School could be mistaken for a jail.  As it is, the brick below the windows is stained from the dripping rain of the years, the front grounds are parched, the trees leafless.  It co
 The Last Night at the Belmont by Richard Stanford
A suitcase flies out from the third floor balcony, hovers for an instant in the darkness then plummets to the street, bursts open and spews its contents on the freshly fallen snow.  Rachel comes down the curved staircase, the echo of
 A History of Canada on Film by Richard Stanford
 The Chance Does Not Exist by Richard Stanford
Regardless of the hobos or the rats or the ghosts, today will be their very last chance to find out what is in that hat factory.  Every day for the past three years they have walked past the hat factory, daring each other to be the first t
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