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Richard Berman

Richard Berman

Richard Berman lives with his family in Helsinki. He has just quit smoking.
 Here to help - IESAF ry by Richard Berman
IESAF, we are here to help all those ex-pats from around the world, English is our working language, but you do not have to be from the UK or the USA to join, as long as you know a bit of Eng
 It's Vappu! by Richard Berman
Party, party, party, that's what the Fins do anyway. The best translation for the word 'vappu' is Labor Day, and it is the day that most people who drink in Finland are drunk. If you're not drunk, it either means you don't drin
 Four months: No cigarettes by Richard Berman
It has now been nearly four months of me being a non-smoker. It has been easy so far and all is going well.I now see myself as a non-smoker, but it may still be too early to say that, as every now and then, I still put my hand
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 Kids by Richard Berman
Bringing a child into this world, we all know costs a lot of money. It starts from the day that you find out you're having a baby and you have to pay 22€ for each of the first two ultrasounds and even after
 Money in a rich man's world by Richard Berman
Everywhere I look they are trying to push me and others to get a loan, apply for a credit card or buy now pay next year, but do we really need loans?Ok, so many people get a loan to buy a house, this is normal because without
 Is my life going up in smoke? by Richard Berman
Here I am trying to work out why I smoke, calculating that over the last 17 years - 6205 days - I have smoked around 160,000 cigarettes, 8,000 packets and at a cost of about 32,000€, why? All those other things that I could have done w
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