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Prof. Francesco Tampoia

Prof. Francesco Tampoia

Francesco Tampoia, born in Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA) philosopher and historian, Ph. D. at University of Bari with a dissertation on the political thought of D. Hume, had followed courses of specialization in London, courses and professional conferences in Rome and other Universities. From 1980 he has published widely. He has written 4 books, more than 100 articles, including essays and reviews, and collaborated to different cultural and scientific, national and international journals.
  What is, or would be the United States of Europe's place in and relationship to the global society? by Prof. Francesco Tampoia
 The philosophers for Europe by Prof. Francesco Tampoia
 The Greeks and Europe by Prof. Francesco Tampoia
"Today there are no more Frenchmen, nor Germans, nor Spaniards, nor Englishmen. There are only Europeans”   G. G. Rousseau, 1772. Some years ago, New York Times, Daniel Mendelsohn as usual in a fascinat
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 Voyage to Syracuse: Europe, or the infinite task by Prof. Francesco Tampoia
 Christianity and European Identity by Prof. Francesco Tampoia
 More on the European identityMore on the European identity by Prof. Francesco Tampoia
Regarding the excellent article of Frank Biancheri, President of Newropeans (France), published in Newropean
 Turkey part of us by Prof. Francesco Tampoia
In the past, Napoleon said that if the world were a single state then its capital would be Constantinople, the very cradle of Europe. Even today, amid the traffic-choked streets of modern Istanbul, among the high-rises, the steep alleys and the gl
 A post-modern model for Europe? by Prof. Francesco Tampoia
Europe is only to be found in the process of creating it. The true way to define Europe is to build Europe. [D. de Rougemont]
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