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Ovi Magazine Guest

Ovi Magazine Guest

Ovi magazine hosts articles and essays from visitor writers and experts to their fields.

 India and outer space ambitionIndia and outer space ambition by Ovi Magazine Guest
India and outer space ambition: First crewed mission in 2021 and geopolitics interconvertsBy Cristina Semeraro
 Bar Behaviour 101Bar Behaviour 101 by Ovi Magazine Guest
Bar Behaviour 101By Ian C Smith At fourteen, wearing
 From Culture for Peace to Culture of PeaceFrom Culture for Peace to Culture of Peace by Ovi Magazine Guest
From Culture for Peace to Culture of PeaceBy Anastasiia Pachina A conference whose theme was “From the Victory Day to Co
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 Towards the pan-European RecalibrationTowards the pan-European Recalibration by Ovi Magazine Guest
Towards the pan-European Recalibration(An interview with Dr. Zeno Leoni on a side of Vienna Process Conference)By Chloé Bernadaux
 Brazil does not give upBrazil does not give up by Ovi Magazine Guest
Brazil does not give upCulture and Creativity, Solidarity and Livesby Edna dos Santos-Duisenberg Paraphrasing Jorge Am
 Enlarge views - Europe is en/large enoughEnlarge views - Europe is en/large enough by Ovi Magazine Guest
Enlarge views – Europe is en/large enoughBy Audrey Beaulieu The first July day of 2020 in Vienna sow marking the anniver
 Origins of Future discussed - Vienna Process launchedOrigins of Future discussed - Vienna Process launched by Ovi Magazine Guest
Origins of Future discussed – Vienna Process launchedBy Zeno Leoni The first July day of 2020 in Vienna sow marking the
 Back to a Better FutureBack to a Better Future by Ovi Magazine Guest
Back to a Better FutureBy Anastasiia Pachina Arts, Science … Excellence We
 ASEAN, C-19 and the Vietnam's ChairmanshipASEAN, C-19 and the Vietnam's Chairmanship by Ovi Magazine Guest
ASEAN, C-19 and the Vietnam’s Chairmanship By Bich T Tran COVID-19 (C-19) event is posing serious challenges for the Ass
 Iron Fist for Pacific EastIron Fist for Pacific East by Ovi Magazine Guest
Iron Fist for Pacific EastBy Stephen R. Nagy “Americans performed three very different policies on the People’s Republic: From a total
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