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Nikos Laios

Nikos Laios

Nikos Laios:poet,writer,artist,philosopher,and citizen of the world.Lived in Greece,and now in North Sydney,Australia.My home is any cafe with a warm heart,a glass of wine,and partaking in a symposium on life with new friends,with joy and laughter.

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 The SurferThe Surfer by Nikos Laios
It\'s cold and the wind Is howling along the coast, The smell of the ocean Hangs in the airAnd the sound of Rustling eucalyptus t
 Sorrows Sorrows by Nikos Laios
I became an eagle,And I carried bundles Of sorrows on my wings,And I soared into the skyAnd I jettisoned my sorrowsAnd they fell into the sea, They
 Gods & Savage BeastsGods & Savage Beasts by Nikos Laios
Swimming,Plunging into the deep,Through sea-swells,Coral reefs and Salty fingers,Plunging down Into the crystal blue Soul of
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 Desolation Of The Night Desolation Of The Night by Nikos Laios
UnderThe midnight MoonWeighed downBy time,MadnessAnd the burden Of life,
 ReflectionsReflections by Nikos Laios
I see my reflection in the mirror,I see your reflection in the mirror,A brief sketch or vignette Ephemeral colours and shadowsFlickering and quivering
 An Expose Of Cultural Practices & Beliefs Of Modern GreeksAn Expose Of Cultural Practices & Beliefs Of Modern Greeks by Nikos Laios
 Burnt SkyBurnt Sky by Nikos Laios
In the heat of the day they suffer,The sky is glowing orange like hellAnd they huddle on a beach Waiting for boats to arrive As the flames steadily
 FlowFlow by Nikos Laios
The blood flows With the red paintOnto the white Canvas.
 Red WineRed Wine by Nikos Laios
Red wine Dances on my lips,Pools on my tastebuds,It seeps into my flesh Infusing my body With warmth.
 The Degenerate GamblerThe Degenerate Gambler by Nikos Laios
Gambling is an interesting topic to write about and this article on gambling has been something that this author has wanted to write for a while now, h
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