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Nikos Laios

Nikos Laios

Nikos Laios:poet,writer,artist,philosopher,and citizen of the world.Lived in Greece,and now in North Sydney,Australia.My home is any cafe with a warm heart,a glass of wine,and partaking in a symposium on life with new friends,with joy and laughter.

 The ExileThe Exile by Nikos Laios
He woke up In the age of Machine men,Cold steel streets,Brick and cement beats,A merciless world of Fac
 The Killing FieldsThe Killing Fields by Nikos Laios
The guardsAnd the barking dogs,And the tears trickling Down stained cheeks In haunted silence Under grey northern skies,
 The CoastThe Coast by Nikos Laios
A squall battered The coast at nightAnd the trees branchesBrushed against The cottages,And the fishing boats Were safe
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 Painting The World In ColoursPainting The World In Colours by Nikos Laios
In the afternoons I run around The harbour And I see Orange dripping On everything;On the trees,
 The BossThe Boss by Nikos Laios
Sunday, And a cool change Descends at the end A hot summer day,And a sharp Herbal smell Of tr
 The Passage Of TimeThe Passage Of Time by Nikos Laios
I tasted your lips,I broke your heart,I live on the memoriesOf you and I,Of our yesterdays,That I loved you,That you loved me,It seems like
 Operatic NightOperatic Night by Nikos Laios
Opera floated from an old radio,And the smell of the nearby beach Was carried by a cool breeze In through an open window, And in the silence of the night
 Silent WintersSilent Winters by Nikos Laios
The night was darkAnd blood glistened On the snow,And wolves with Flashing eyes And mouths dripping With b
 The Scorpion and the FrogThe Scorpion and the Frog by Nikos Laios
On a sultry Day, shining Blowflies SwarmOver desolate Plains. Green frogs Croak languidly
 Poetic DaysPoetic Days by Nikos Laios
On my balcony,Just perfect!The sun is breaking Through the winter clouds,And I close my eyes as the sun Washes my face in a golde
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