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N. L. Wilbur

N. L. Wilbur

N. L. Wilbur is an award-winning reporter and commentator turned politics junkie and critic. He writes regularly for MuddyPolitics.com.
 President Obama is a tax-cutting, budget-slashing socialist by N. L. Wilbur
President Obama is an unabashed socialist, and the Democratic Party is an unashamed guerilla band of anti-business tax-and-spend liberals bent on destroying the American Dream by punishing hard-working entrepreneurs and small business owners in or
 This is What Democracy Really Looks Like by N. L. Wilbur
Nothing is perfect. Life is unfair. And politics is a dirty business.Between the filibusters, debates and votes on Capitol Hill this week, American politics embodied all that is true and beautiful - and unfair and ugly - about the proc
 Americans Think, Believe and See by N. L. Wilbur
I’d never leave the house if I read every “new poll” showing what the majority of Americans think, believe, say and see (which is probably the reason I don’t often leave the house…). In a country that finds solace in
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 Wouldn't Vote O'Donnell for all the Tea Party Missionaries in China by N. L. Wilbur
Disclaimer: Whereas, this writer must admit that publicizing anything about Christine O’Donnell induces fits of embarrassment and shame, as it should for anyone who is forced to acknowledge her presence on the main stage of American politics, an
 The Nouveau Elite by N. L. Wilbur
Spitting in the face of the American dream and shitting in the pool of American prosperity, the new radical wing of the Republican Party has launched a campaign to replace elitism and intelligence not just with populism, but with Proletarianism, i
 The Intolerance of Jonah Goldberg by N. L. Wilbur
Americans never seem to get their fill of craziness. Think Sarah Palin, viral Internet videos of drunken squirrels, websites for
 The Little Ground Zero Mosque that Wasn't by N. L. Wilbur
You’ve heard about the “socialists” in Washington – the fascist, liberal, racist, Muslim-terrorist-loving hypocrites who added 10 quadrillion dollars to the national deficit with a slew of job-killing policies that will
 Tectonic Plates Are the Devil's Propaganda: Robertson is a Prophet by N. L. Wilbur
I was originally going to devote this column space to a long rant about how much I love little goats and how much I loathed Valentine’s Day. But then that monster of an earthquake hit Haiti, and, well, priorities are priorities in the news i
 Loss Creates Delirium in Post-Election by N. L. Wilbur
 'Experts' Offer Hope for Generation Y2BD by N. L. Wilbur
This week, breaking from my normal habit of ignoring anything outside the "(Post-)Election" or "U.S. Politics" categories of my personalized Google News homepage, I came across a particular headline that uncharacteristically de
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