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Murray Hunter

Murray Hunter

Murray has been around the traps of entrepreneurship for too long. He is a long time expat from Australia who has made Malaysia his home and tried his hand at everything from agriculture to computers, to food, to spas and to cosmetics. Now he is taking the easy life as an associate professor at a university close to you. Murray spends half his time in Thailand and the other half looking for opportunities in Malaysia. Murray is passionate and deadly earnest about entrepreneurship and believes everybody should have the chance to “have a go”. Murray’s columns focus on giving some simple and practical ideas about the game of entrepreneurship and personal development based on his immense experience and the insights.  His pleasure is your success.


 Malaysia's Narcotics NightmareMalaysia's Narcotics Nightmare by Murray Hunter
In 1983, in a country where drug use had become an epidemic, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad rammed through what was regarded as some of the world’s toughest drug toughest programs. Authorities developed an i
 Australia-China Relationship ChillsAustralia-China Relationship Chills by Murray Hunter
Australia-China Relationship Chills Policymakers persist in US-centric orientation to their detriment Since the beginning of 2
 Malaysia's Democratic CharadeMalaysia's Democratic Charade by Murray Hunter
Malaysia’s Democratic Charade Built-in abuses designed to keep government in power One of the initiatives put in places
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 Why Malaysia's Monarchy is Set to StayWhy Malaysia's Monarchy is Set to Stay by Murray Hunter
When Malaysia’s Yang di-Pertuan Agong, or king Al-Sultan Abdullah Al-Haj rejected Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s request to declare a state of emergency on October 25, many sections of Malaysia cheered him on.
 Australia's Migration Advice Industry in DisarrayAustralia's Migration Advice Industry in Disarray by Murray Hunter
Australia’s Migration Advice Industry in Disarray New regulation causes more problems than it solves Australia’s D
 Sorry Tale of Malaysian PM's Survival in PowerSorry Tale of Malaysian PM's Survival in Power by Murray Hunter
Sorry Tale of Malaysian PM’s Survival in PowerContinuing political Instability is a product of the politicians seeking power and perks
 Protests Open New Divisions in Thai SocietyProtests Open New Divisions in Thai Society by Murray Hunter
Protests Open New Divisions in Thai Society Students fight against the tide of history Thailand is currently engulfed by daily
 Thailand's Tourism Sector Struggles to Rebound Thailand's Tourism Sector Struggles to Rebound by Murray Hunter
Thailand’s Tourism Sector Struggles to Rebound Local xenophobia, bureaucratic fumbling make recovery a nightmare Thaila
 Malaysian Regimes Change, Public Policy NoMalaysian Regimes Change, Public Policy No by Murray Hunter
Malaysian Regimes Change, Public Policy No A powerful civil service actually runs the place The jostling for political primacy
 Malaysia's New Political NormalMalaysia's New Political Normal by Murray Hunter
Malaysia’s New Political Normal Back to the (bleak) future Today, at least in the eyes of Malaysia’s ethnic Malay
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