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Melanie Rose White

Melanie Rose White

I've been a staff writer for Higher & Higher magazine, an unofficial Moody Blues magazine, since the early 1990s.
 A Hope, Wish, and Dream Come True by Melanie Rose White
 Ray Thomas at 65: Legend of a Man by Melanie Rose White
Picture a six-foot robust guy, with a booming baritone voice that commands your attention, and the word “sparkly” probably doesn’t come to mind. Yet for the crowds of Moody Blues fans, founding band member Ray Thomas does sparkle
 Justin Hayward at 60: Built to LastJustin Hayward at 60: Built to Last by Melanie Rose White
Who would you say belongs in the World's Most Exclusive Club? The ten wealthiest people on the planet? The five living U.S. presidents? Or, how about a very few 60's rock bands. More specifically, bands that still to
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