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Matt Williamson

Matt Williamson

Matt Williamson has a background in journalism but he left that for the joys of opinion and fiction. Matt is an average guy; he just happens to love religion, science, economics, philosophy and music. Hey, who doesn't?: www.hologramthoughts.com
 Journey To The Temple by Matt Williamson
(Read this and then sit back, close your eyes and see it in your mind.)
 Muladhara Meditation by Matt Williamson
I am going to guess that most readers are used to the idea of meditation. I would also hope that some of you have experimented with moving your thoughts and intentions into a particular part of your body, say your left foot, or perhaps your han
 Statement of Faith by Matt Williamson
Why is it hard for many people to accept miracles in a religion other than theirs? Very normal, logical and sane people accept that Jesus walked on water, changed water to wine, healed the sick, brought Lazarus back
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 Hidden Agenda by Matt Williamson
We all have a hidden agenda. Whether we want to admit it or not we are trying to make our life in our own image. Sometimes we are honest and we tell people that we seek a certain outcome within a given situation; som
 Meditation and Mindfulness by Matt Williamson
I am not a good practitioner of meditation. My mind races, wild and erratic thoughts pop in and out of my head in rapid and seemingly random procession. Did I feed the cat, why did I say that to her, how long until I calm down, when am I supposed
 Compassionate Business by Matt Williamson
I wonder how many CEO's would consider the companies they run as compassionate? How many corporations would be classified as 'right', as in, the Eightfold Path right?
 Buddhist Robots by Matt Williamson
Last night I watched a television program on PBS that really made me think about my own religion ideas. It was
 My Grandfather's Treasure by Matt Williamson
I sat for a couple of hours with my grandfather recently. It has been a long time since I was able to spend so much time alone with him. When I was young I would spend entire days with him as he drove here and there working and looking for the bar
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