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Luis Alves

Luis Alves

A Portuguese engineer who lives in Lisbon and is a habitual visitor of Finland. He blogs about decentralization and environmental issues among other themes.“ Don’t miss Oravivuori, 61°55'36''N - 25°32'01''E” “, he suggests.
 A record number of new student housing in Helsinki, Finland by Luis Alves
A significant change in the structure of the city of Helsinki (Finland) is currently in progress.According to the Master Plan 2002 Helsinki will be developed as an European capital city.Helsinki is an important part of a growing metropolitan area.
 Ideological Clash: the most frequent conflict in 2008 by Luis Alves
Two parties- organized groups, states or organizations - determined to achieve their goals; interests or positional differences over national values. These are the two necessary elements for a clash (or conflict), according to the definition in th
 New Wind Power Forecast Project in US by Luis Alves
Project began in December and will extend up to September 2010 The US Department of Energy (DoE) invited the Portuguese
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 Black Motor by Luis Alves
 Kaisla Arts and Crafts by Luis Alves
Kaisla shop gallery (Kaisla kauppa galleria) is a rectangular two-story old house with solid red-brick walls and interior open spaces, nicely situated at the port of Korpilahti, Central Finland (
 Korpilahti Municipality (1867-2009) by Luis Alves
The struggle against the isolation may have stimulated the strong identification of the Finnish people with their municipality (kunta), although the identification with their nationality (
 Serpa (Brinches) Photovoltaic Power Station [PICS] by Luis Alves
Beginning of Autumn. At the end of a warm day - half an hour before the sunset and after having rolled across the spacious Alentejo’s plains - we finally get to the little village of Brinches
 777 - Turbo-Capitalism's Failure by Luis Alves
Markets have inefficiencies, because of their inability to correct the negative externalities of industrial outputs (production) and industrial inputs (depletion of non-renewable resources). Failure to calculate the costs to nonparticipants in tra
 From the US housing bubble to the (proposed) bailout of US financial system by Luis Alves
The bursting of the US housing bubble and the high default rates on "subprime" and adjustable rate mortgages, marked the beginning of the subprime mortgage crisis (2005-2006).
 The world's largest photovoltaic power station [PICS] by Luis Alves
In Amareleja, a Portuguese parish of the municipality of Moura, the rural landscape was modified by hundreds of thin metallic structures anchored on the ground by concrete foundations. These s
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