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Louie Parsons

Louie Parsons

Louie Parsons is from Ireland orginally, Based himself in Holland for many years and travelled Europe before settling in Lahti. Is the founding member and songwriter of the rock band Those Magnificent Bastards, (T,M,B,). He also co writes lyrics with some of Finland's more popular rock bands. He is a featured columnist with the magazine Iso l, and writes for many online magazines around the world using a array of pen names. He has just finished a book on historical megalithic sites and their alignments to the winter and summer solstices, and their advanced astronomical significance.
 Time - a fine line by Louie Parsons
What do we really know about time? Hands up if you own an alarm clock? Time is a perception, a man made view on something we only think we k
 God made me do it by Louie Parsons
Religion for centuries has been used by tyrants, lunatics, and politicians as a baton to keep the masses subdued, a quote from old says, “Religion is the heroin of the masses.”
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