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Louie Parsons

Louie Parsons

Louie Parsons is from Ireland orginally, Based himself in Holland for many years and travelled Europe before settling in Lahti. Is the founding member and songwriter of the rock band Those Magnificent Bastards, (T,M,B,). He also co writes lyrics with some of Finland's more popular rock bands. He is a featured columnist with the magazine Iso l, and writes for many online magazines around the world using a array of pen names. He has just finished a book on historical megalithic sites and their alignments to the winter and summer solstices, and their advanced astronomical significance.
 Neanderthal missing link found in Mukkula! by Louie Parsons
A startling discovery was made in the sleepy backwater of Mukkula, scientists have revealed today. It was previously thought that Neanderthals may have died out because their bodies overheated as the Earth grew warmer. no
 Jesus Christ, where did we go wrong? by Louie Parsons
Easter is upon us once again, a time for family, chocolate eggs, and celebration.But do we really understand the basis of the celebrations in the Christian sense.This is the time of year when Jesus rose from the de
 When was Jesus born? by Louie Parsons
The calendar that we use today is based on the one that Julius Caesar decreed on January 1, 45 B.C. that starts from the founding of Rome in the 1st century B.C. In the sixth century, Dio nysius Exiguus, a monk, proposed that the Christian era be
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 Science of Santa Claus by Louie Parsons
Don’t believe in Santa Claus? If you’re skeptical of Santa’s abilities to deliver presents to millions of homes and children in just one night, North Carolina State University’s Dr. Larry Silverberg, professor o
 The Antikythera Mechanism by Louie Parsons
A computer in antiquity would seem to be an anachronism, like Athena ordering takeout on her cellphone, but a century ago pieces of a strange mechanism with bronze gears and dials were recovered from an ancient shipwreck off the coast of Greece.
 Tsunami killed the dinos by Louie Parsons
At the southern end of Madagascar, lay four enormous wedge-shaped sediment deposits, called chevrons, which are composed of material from the ocean floor. Each covers twice the area of Manhattan with sediment as deep
 Mona Lisa or Mon Salai? by Louie Parsons
She's inspired controversy, mystery, and wonder since 1504. The current belief is that she is a portrait of Madame Lisa Giocondo, the wife of a wealthy silk merchant. There have been countless other theories, but t
 One entry found by Louie Parsons
sexuality. One entry found for sexuality. sex·u·al·i·ty Pronunciation: "sek-sh&-'wa-l&-tE Function: noun : the quality or state
 Civilization by Louie Parsons
As long as I have remembered, archaeology and the pursuit of lost civilisations have fascinated me. There are many beliefs and issues about how long man and its civilisation has been around. Well unless we were there, then there are no absolutes a
 Computers - Friend or foe? by Louie Parsons
A couple of months ago here in Finland a girl went on a blind date to meet a guy she met in a chat room, a couple of days later she was found dead and tied to a tree. These stories are becoming way too commonplace and are treated with the urban my
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