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Linda Lane

Linda Lane

Photographer Linda Lane lives in the San Francisco Bay area having recently relocated from Seattle, Washington. Lane was raised in Alaska, coming from an "old West" family - her great-grandfather, Isaac Newton Lane (Mexican Cherokee), was one of the 26 Pony Express Riders in the 1860's. Both lines of her family come from Alaska beginning in 1896, a year before the Nome Gold Rush. Her career began as a wildlife photographer working for the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Anchorage, Alaska in 1978. She has a holistic world view with a global perspective, which she uses when designing software in-between photography trips, which take her rambling from around her neighborhood to around the world -- Nepal, Mexico, India, etc, and home to Alaska. Linda uses the nickname "Wonderlane" on the Internet.
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 Revisiting the 2008 Intranet Design Awards by Linda Lane
 Alaska Celebrates 50 Years of Statehood - A Personal Reflection by Linda Lane
I remember it like it was just a few months ago - I was already 2 years old and my Mom, a second generation Alaskan - Dee Lane, and my Dad, a third generation Alaskan - Chic Lane, took my sister Lisa and I over the few blocks from our house on the
 Linda Lane's Happy Halloween Dreams by Linda Lane
Happy Halloween Dreams at Mill Rose Inn, Half Moon Bay, California, USA - An ExhibitionFor the full Linda Lane's Happy Ha
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 "Look, I can ride my bike with no handlebars" by Linda Lane
I can do anythingbut I cannot do nothingcutting my cat into oneLemon Yellow SimSunIt ain't ZenBut its all I have 
 You are #1 ... by Linda Lane
 Enforced Change, emerges from The Moscow Rules by Linda Lane
For your consideration in terms of solving information management problems I refer you to the film "Ronin" staring Robert DeNiro, written by John David Zeik and David Mamet. If you consider it from the point of view of a capable informat
 Collecting Business Requirements - Web Design Requirements in SEO Rap by Linda Lane
A common mistake of consulting companies is to insist the corporation they are working for deliver business requirements in specific formats. This makes the corporation they are working for do a lot of work. Because collecting and reforming inf
 Controlling IT Costs by Linda Lane
To control Information Technology (IT) costs we think about and act within the enterprise as a whole, in part because we sell enterprise and mid-level solutions. We apply an Enterprise Architecture (EA) s
 Don't support drilling ANWR! by Linda Lane
 Formerly Haunted * A Ghost Story by Linda Lane
This is the Whitman house in 2001 as it appeared before, yes, unbelievably we renovated it for free (5-6 months overall) and the owner then sold it. Why? Right before the dotcom bust it was the only place I could
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