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Lee Thorkhill

Lee Thorkhill

Lee is drifting through life at the moment, pulled by the tides of fate. He is a London lad and enjoys the lights and sounds of the city, keep an eye out for him on Oxford Street on Saturday mornings. He enjoys classical music and a spot of horse racing washed down with some fine wine.
 Desert life by an Eskimo by Lee Thorkhill
An old man, weathered by a life that he has lived quickly and without regard for the feelings of others. Gifted from birth with a silver tongue and rugged looks he has left broken hearts and promises across the world. He is quick and free with wor
 The Fantastic Feeling by Lee Thorkhill
This was the final date of The Feeling’s most recent UK tour and they finished in true entertainment style. Lead singer Dan Gillespie Sells was the complete showman for the whole night combining the flamboyant mixture you would expect of a p
 Take your seats by Lee Thorkhill
Last month I went to the hospital - nothing very serious - I was accompanying my girlfriend for a check-up. As we arrived at the department we both observed the waiting area. There were nine seats in total, three chairs on each of the three 'w
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 Man in Black fans by Lee Thorkhill
I am not a massive fan of Johnny Cash, in fact I am not very familiar with his music, but I went to see this biopic starring Joaquin Phoenix as the man in black. This is basically a love story between Mr Cash and June Carter with the backdrop of h
 40 questions about food by Lee Thorkhill
Do you feel hungry? Is it dinner time yet? What should I eat? Will it make me feel better? Will it make me feel guilty? How can food make you feel so many emotions? When does eating go from pleasurable to unpleasureable?Have y
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