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Leah Sellers

Leah Sellers

Leah Sellers is a resident Texas who has enjoyed three varied careers within her lifetime as a: Secondary Education teacher in the fields of English, History, Journalism and Special Education, a professional singer/songwriter, and a visual artist and poet. She has had the great good fortune, while performing and travelling the U.S. with her sisters, to open for such folks as Willie Nelson, Johnny Rodriguez and Trini Lopez, and to sing during the gospel hour at the Grand "ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.
 Biden's Build Back Better Adversaries and AdversitiesBiden's Build Back Better Adversaries and Adversities by Leah Sellers
If you live in Texas where the Texas legislature is continuing to take away Women’s Rights regarding their Decisions for their Bodies and their Lives while they also create Laws which will allow it to be easier and quicker for the Folks o
 Democracy's Confounding Quandary And a Cup of CoffeeDemocracy's Confounding Quandary And a Cup of Coffee by Leah Sellers
“That\'s right, you cocka\'mamie Liberal ! It is my Constitutional Right to Bear Arms to Protect MySelf and my Family !\" “I want to legally carry around a Concealed Gun ! I have a
 The Texas Democrats are Standing Their Ground For the Sake of America's Democracy !The Texas Democrats are Standing Their Ground For the Sake of America's Democracy ! by Leah Sellers
“That’s right, Hank. You heard me. I say Halleluiah and Praise the Lord for the Democratic Legislators of Texas, ‘cause not only are they tryin’ to save Texas from the Dis-eased Trumpian clutches of Power Mongers like ou
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 The 'Can I Get an Amen' SchismThe 'Can I Get an Amen' Schism by Leah Sellers
Brother Deadwood steps up to the Church Pulpit to address His Church. “Halleluiah, Brothers and Sisters ! Can I get an, “Amen” ?!
 The Serv-a-Con-TrumpiansThe Serv-a-Con-Trumpians by Leah Sellers
The American Republican Party is known to be a Party full of Conservatives. However, they have now BeCome Pre-servatives of Old Power, Ancient Hatreds and Fears drug and wrangled into the Present in order to hold back the Enlightening Future of
 When the Intent of One Thing BeComes Quite AnotherWhen the Intent of One Thing BeComes Quite Another by Leah Sellers
Texas, for the most part has had it rough. First the Corona Pandemic carelessly and irresponsibly dispersed from Asiatic shores. Secondly the Big, Bad Ice a Snow Set-ins keeping Texans for days on end Locked-in with defectiv
 The Hitlerian-Trumpian Yahoos !!The Hitlerian-Trumpian Yahoos !! by Leah Sellers
“Yahoo !!” “That was the greatest day of my Life, Leroy ! The greatest day of my Life !”Jethro exclaimed with raucous delight.
 A Breath of Fresh Air In and Out of the Trumpian Chicken CoopA Breath of Fresh Air In and Out of the Trumpian Chicken Coop by Leah Sellers
“Well, look at you, Cheyenne,” Cheyenne’s Mama said with genuine surprise. “I have never known you to volutarily pick up the hen’s eggs out of the Chicken Coop without my having to threaten a grounding, Little Miss
 The Life and Death of a Cosmically Singing Turkey WrapThe Life and Death of a Cosmically Singing Turkey Wrap by Leah Sellers
Hierarchical systems are often very dysfunctional and untruthful entities that can lead whole flocks of programmed Believers in those often toxic Systems to be led astray, misused and abused. Even those who do not Believe in them will find the
 Give Us Leaders Who Have Suffered....Give Us Leaders Who Have Suffered.... by Leah Sellers
Yes, Give us Leaders who have SufferedAnd OverComeThe Darkness Outside and Inside ThemSelvesWith the Light and Hope Energies ofGrace, Understanding, Dis
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