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Kola King

Kola King

Kola King is a journalist and novelist. He has worked for over three decades as a reporter, correspondent and editor in major national newspapers in Nigeria. He’s currently Managing Editor, Nigeria Now, a public policy magazine based in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital. He also writes for The Africa Paper, Minnesota, USA, He’s a columnist with Public Review newspaper, Freetown, Sierra-Leone. His debut novel A Place in the Sun was published and released in May 2016 by Verity Publishers, Pretoria, South Africa. His writings have appeared in some literary journals including The Kalahari Review, The Missing Slate Literary and Arts Journal, Litro and The New Black Magazine. He holds a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos. 

 Main Takeaways from Queen Elizabeth II State FuneralMain Takeaways from Queen Elizabeth II State Funeral by Kola King
Queen Elizabeth II who reigned for 70 years as a British monarch was laid to rest on Monday, September 19 at St George\'s Chapel, Windsor along with her husband Prince Phillip who died in 2021 at the age of 99. She was burie
 President Buhari And The Blame GamePresident Buhari And The Blame Game by Kola King
The Buhari administration has made a fetish of lame excuses, the blame game and buck passing for its inability to deliver on its promises. The Buhari administration has made a fetish of l
 The London Political JamboreeThe London Political Jamboree by Kola King
It is most distressing that our political class fiddles while the nation is in the throes of grave economic and security challenge.  Deans of the diplomatic corps spoke the minds of millions of compatriots when they rose i
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 Buhari's War On TerrorBuhari's War On Terror by Kola King
“We must take the fight to the terrorists and demonstrate that there is no hiding place for them. Each one of them will be hunted, and pursued and spoken to in the language that they understand.\"
 The National Assembly as the heart of DemocracyThe National Assembly as the heart of Democracy by Kola King
The legislature suffered the most during the military era and was the biggest institutional casualty of military coups. Even though it is the engine room of democracy, the legislature is
 Asa's Song: 'There's Fire on The Mountain'Asa's Song: 'There's Fire on The Mountain' by Kola King
Asa\'s song was a tribute to the numberless and nameless compatriots who have become mere static in the unending war on terror. Multiple award-winning singer, guitarist, and international
 Takeaways from Osun Governorship PollsTakeaways from Osun Governorship Polls by Kola King
The victory of Senator Ademola Adeleke of the PDP is a clear indication that the electorate holds the ultimate power to hire and fire their political leaders. The Osun State gubernatorial
 Book review: Watchdog or Lapdog - The Media in twenty years of DemocracyBook review: Watchdog or Lapdog - The Media in twenty years of Democracy by Kola King
The Nigerian media, especially the press, has its roots in the anti-colonial struggle for self-government and independence. The press was at the barricades during that era leading the way and showing the light to the people.
 Kaduna train attack - 100 days in captivityKaduna train attack - 100 days in captivity by Kola King
The 100 days ritual has become a common practice among public office holders during which they give an account of their stewardship and enunciate their vision and plans for the future. The 100 days tradition was first started in the United Stat
 Unknown Gunmen and the worsening security challengeUnknown Gunmen and the worsening security challenge by Kola King
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