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Joseph Gatt

Joseph Gatt

Joseph "Yossi" Gatt. I like to write about a little bit of everything. Check out my Goodreads profile for more information or to contact me: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/96203474-joseph-gatt

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 Advice to the Algerian cinema industryAdvice to the Algerian cinema industry by Joseph Gatt
Cinema and soap operas help promote tourism, help promote social cohesion, give people something to talk about at work, at school or during resting time. I thought a lot about what genres the Algerian cinema industry could
 Asserting authorityAsserting authority by Joseph Gatt
Let me save you some embarrassment in future meetings. There are basically three types of people. First, people who assert their individual authority and rank. Second type of person are those who assert their individual and tribal authority. Th
 A clean office atmosphereA clean office atmosphere by Joseph Gatt
Mistakes done at offices, in no particular order. Mistake number 1: leaving office members with no work to do for several weeks or monthsWhen office workers show up to the office but there are no projects to wor
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 Le "savoir" vs. knowledgeLe "savoir" vs. knowledge by Joseph Gatt
We Americans value the notion of “relevance” in intellectual conversation. That is when exchanging intellectual information or debating about current events, we try to remain relevant to the single current even being discussed.
 The ICC and the Palestinian probeThe ICC and the Palestinian probe by Joseph Gatt
There\'s no clear definition of what diplomacy means. But the word “diplomacy” is usually understood as being “the pursuit of politics through non-violent means.” Namely, diplomacy means discussion,
 Ritualized value judgingRitualized value judging by Joseph Gatt
Korean, Chinese and Japanese companies engage in a daily ritual where at the end of the day they shower their subordinates with value judgments on what they believe the value of their subordinates\' work was. Everything from the choice of suit
 A few notes on learning foreign languagesA few notes on learning foreign languages by Joseph Gatt
I\'ve written quite a few articles on learning foreign languages, but here are my “final” notes (this is a work in progress) on my research on learning languages. -How did I learn English in the US and Spanish i
 How to get a NobelHow to get a Nobel by Joseph Gatt
The Koreans often tell me that they don\'t get Nobels because, despite deserving them, their works are not translated into English or something. That is if Korean physicists were translated into English, or Korean novelists were translated into
 Advice to book publishersAdvice to book publishers by Joseph Gatt
Advice if you\'re a struggling book publisher, or if you want to set up a book publishing company. -First one, big one, most book publishers, especially the smaller ones, do not specialize in book sales for bookstores. Most
 Global consumer trendsGlobal consumer trends by Joseph Gatt
Every individual is different, but there are two major global consumer trends: “the green movement” and “the nationalist movement.” A third movement, small but significant, is the “luxury movement” while a fo
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