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Joseph Gatt

Joseph Gatt

Joseph "Yossi" Gatt. ENFJ. B-type personality. TCK. Adoptee. Jewish. Israeli. Hyperpolyglot. Egalitarian. Bookworm. News junkie. Independent. Solver of previously unsolved academic problems. Canoe, mountain bike and hiking lover. Racket sports and team sports lover. My day job involves getting a deluge of insults from psychopaths (and they keep using my toothbrush and razor so I have to hide the ones I use in a drawer). Whatever money I get for that better be good. Loner. Known as "Akli Hadid" in some circles.

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 CryptocurrenciesCryptocurrencies by Joseph Gatt
Cryptocurrencies bring back two childhood memories: trading basketball cards in 5th grade, and a game of marbles in the 6th grade. Back in the 5th grade I was in New York City. The 1994 Knicks were huge. Ewing, Starks and O
 A few notes on evolution in scienceA few notes on evolution in science by Joseph Gatt
There used to be this herd of horses, somewhere in Africa. That family of horses figured out that rather than run around and hunt for hay, they could eat leaves from neighboring trees. The trees, who did not want to have their leaves eaten, dec
 What exactly is a startup?What exactly is a startup? by Joseph Gatt
And a startup here. And a startup there. Here a startup. There a startup. Everywhere a startup. But what would be the definition of a startup? The way I would define a startup: a business company, very small in size (usuall
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 Surviving on Camp 44Surviving on Camp 44 by Joseph Gatt
I was at a death camp in South Korea between January 2, 2015 and June 21, 2015. Only after reading Viktor Frankl\'s “Man\'s search for meaning” am I fully able to express, rather clearly, the horrors I went through.
 Cultural overview: South AsiaCultural overview: South Asia by Joseph Gatt
Each nations and individual are very different. Sweeping generalizations on the cultures of South Asia. GeneralitiesAlmost 2 billion people live in South Asia, meaning that a little less than a third of the worl
 Cultural overview: IsraelCultural overview: Israel by Joseph Gatt
Every individual is different in this country where people have ancestors who came from 150 different nations. Sweeping generalizations on Israeli culture. GeneralitiesIf you treat every business like serious bu
 Cultural overview: North America, Australia, New ZealandCultural overview: North America, Australia, New Zealand by Joseph Gatt
Every individual is different. Sweeping generalizations on the cultures of Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand. GeneralitiesThe main problem I face when discussing North American, Australian or New Zealand cu
 Financial advice over a beer or twoFinancial advice over a beer or two by Joseph Gatt
I\'ll deal here with safe sources of income and speculative sources of income. The advice is that of a friend over a few beers that could be dead wrong. You know what\'s best for you when it comes to your money. Speculative
 Cultural overview: TurkeyCultural overview: Turkey by Joseph Gatt
Every individual is different. Sweeping generalities on the cultural traits of a nation of 80 million individuals. GeneralitiesIf you go to big cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, or touristic cities like Bodru
 Cultural overview: Eastern EuropeCultural overview: Eastern Europe by Joseph Gatt
Individuals and countries can have very different cultures and mindsets. Sweeping generalities about cultural traits in Eastern Europe. GeneralitiesWhat a lot of Eastern Europeans tell me is that during Communis
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