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Joseph Gatt

Joseph Gatt

Joseph "Yossi" Gatt. I like to write about a little bit of everything. Check out my Goodreads profile for more information or to contact me: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/96203474-joseph-gatt  and you can always check out my Blog: https://yossigatt.blogspot.com/"

 Book review: Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in JerusalemBook review: Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem by Joseph Gatt
The myth goes like this: Jews around the world control and dominate politics, finance, the media and other key ventures. Jews are very secretive about their wealth, power and abuses, but there are a few traitors amongst them who dared speak out
 Should all literature be in English?Should all literature be in English? by Joseph Gatt
You\'re going to find a lot of good fiction works that are not in English. But when it comes to non-fiction, you\'re going to have a lot of trouble finding anything worth reading that is not in English, especially anything written in the 21st c
 Further myths and realities on datingFurther myths and realities on dating by Joseph Gatt
A few more myths about dating and relationships. Myth: You can find love on Tinder and other dating apps.First off, the proportion of men to women on dating apps is huge. Something like 90 to 95
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 Dating: myths and realitiesDating: myths and realities by Joseph Gatt
Myths and realities about dating, for women and men. In no particular order. Myth: “I slept with a woman and never called her back.” Reality: Sociologists have it that around 10% wom
 Doing things "the American way"Doing things "the American way" by Joseph Gatt
I\'ve met quite a few people who claim that they do things “the American way.” These people are often from “tribal” societies. That is societies where “respect” and “moderat
 Book review: Sartre's "Nausea"Book review: Sartre's "Nausea" by Joseph Gatt
There are really two ways of reading Sartre. One way to read him is to read his books like it\'s his point of view, one that you think is correct or incorrect, but that you don\'t necessarily want to follow. The other way to read Sartre is to a
 A few additional notes on "face-saving"A few additional notes on "face-saving" by Joseph Gatt
Received a few more questions on “face-saving” cultures, and here are the answers. Q: What are the differences between dating in face-saving cultures and dating in “free” cultures?
 Trick questions in higher educationTrick questions in higher education by Joseph Gatt
The main problem of higher education: either you go to college straight out of high school and your brain is still comfortable with studying, attending lectures, reading, memorizing and tests. Or you take a break from high school, try to make m
 Face-saving in business, politics and warFace-saving in business, politics and war by Joseph Gatt
What is good is bad. What is bad is good. This is pretty much how things tend to work in face-saving societies when it comes to business, politics or military affairs. In business Wh
 A couple of quick reflections on FranceA couple of quick reflections on France by Joseph Gatt
Two quick, useful, hopefully important notes on France. Note 1: how come no one in France seems to say that they are French? When you ask them where they are from, they either answer with silence and an irritated look on th
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