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Joseph Gatt

Joseph Gatt

Joseph "Yossi" Gatt. I like to write about a little bit of everything. Check out my Goodreads profile for more information or to contact me: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/96203474-joseph-gatt  and you can always check out my Blog: https://yossigatt.blogspot.com/"

 Building a strong careerBuilding a strong career by Joseph Gatt
A few notes on building a strong career, in no particular order. -To build a strong career, you need to understand that there are essentially three hiring methods: scouting, networking and applying.
 Descriptive language use in the Maghreb and LebanonDescriptive language use in the Maghreb and Lebanon by Joseph Gatt
A short description of which language to use in the Maghreb and Lebanon. Arabic, Berber, French and English tend to be used interchangeably, so I\'ll give a socio-linguistic description of when languages are used and in what context.
 Strategic hiringStrategic hiring by Joseph Gatt
Knowledge and power. Knowledge or power. Knowledge? Or power? Most companies look at the following when hiring staff: degrees and diplomas, work experience and skills. Other important be often unstated factors: financial status of applicant
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 Evolution cycles among children in romantic lifeEvolution cycles among children in romantic life by Joseph Gatt
I\'ll discuss how children date in school settings and as young adults, taking three factors into consideration: knowledge factors, power factors and cultural factors. The evolution of the romantic lives of children
 Body chemistryBody chemistry by Joseph Gatt
Let\'s make science fun, simple and useful. Our bodies work with hormones. There are three “big” hormones that we secrete: -Oxytocin: the “love” hormone. That
 Some advice to writersSome advice to writers by Joseph Gatt
Answering frequently asked (or meditated) questions to wannabe authors. I want to write the story of my life. What should I do? There\'s absolute
 Building a winning businessBuilding a winning business by Joseph Gatt
You can only win at business if business becomes second nature. That is if everything you do is natural, and if you have that “sixth sense” when it comes to knowing whether business is going well or not, and how to fix it.
 Deep learning during COVID-19Deep learning during COVID-19 by Joseph Gatt
Bored during this confinement period? I would recommend “deep learning.” Different people define “deep learning” differently. I would define it simply as any activity that makes you gain expe
 Childhood and young adulthood phasesChildhood and young adulthood phases by Joseph Gatt
I\'ll save you some time. Very roughly sketching the different phases children and young adults go through. Children ages 0-6 -Need to be under constant adult supervision. -No concept of danger (can
 You live, you learnYou live, you learn by Joseph Gatt
Making the most out of experience in business. Three examples of businesses that did not adapt, and what they should have done. Example 1: Khaled is an Algerian immigrant in France and a black belt in Vovinam, V
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