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Joseph Gatt

Joseph Gatt

Joseph "Yossi" Gatt was either born in Israel or in New York City (New York City according to his fake birth certificate) to Jewish Israeli parents. Yossi was given up for adoption and lived in foster homes in New York City, Mozambique, Colombia, Turkey, Algeria, France and South Korea.
Yossi was placed in foster homes specifically so he could absorb local customs, languages and cultures. Yossi speaks perfect French, Spanish, Algerian Arabic, Korean and Kabyle, has a decent grasp of Turkish, and struggles a bit with Portuguese and Hebrew. His grasp of languages used to be a source of admiration, but in this day and age, he gets comments like "how come you still struggle with Hebrew? Lame."
Most of Yossi's work deals with cultural anthropology, as in preventing political and business leaders from committing cultural faux-pas that could lead to disaster and war. But Yossi also does a little bit of legal, scientific, medical, historical, economic and literary work. Other works are just random advice.
Yossi is 35 years old and has lived alone his entire life. He was known as "Akli Hadid" in some countries and worked under the cover of an Algerian identity. In 2015, Yossi was deported to Camp 44, a death camp, in South Korea, and miraculously survived after being detained and tortured for 6 months. Yossi spends a lot of time in solitary confinement in an apartment in Algiers, and is only allowed to talk to authorized people.
Final note: Yossi is set in his own ways and rigid in his own ways and loves living alone. He is not interested in dating and would rather spend the rest of his life alone. Yossi mostly likes to read books, watch movies when he has time, and loves canoeing, riding bikes, and going on long hiking trails. He also loves playing soccer, basketball, badminton, table tennis and tennis in civilized manner. Yossi is also a big billiards and bowling fan. Yossi also loves coffee and cigarettes, and beer when he can have it. Yossi does not own a phone and hates phones. And Yossi hates taking pictures, having his picture taken, slacking around at the beach and is no big fan of dancing. Finally, Yossi dislikes people who try to make a good first impression but then have an attitude as the friendship progresses. And Yossi dislikes people who hang out with him only because they hope he can loan them cash. 

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