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John Pederson

John Pederson

He's just John and he was one of the founding members of Ovi. Until recently he was MIA, but he has recently surfaced safe and sound in Indonesia.
 Seven Years Today by John Pederson
This is happeningNo cause for alarm.It's already here.Gone now...And back—this, nowIs happening.What else can I say?Forget about it,Make room,Clear the halls,Banish yourselfIn inv
 The new brain-drain by John Pederson
If you already know what a “nerd pocket” is or simply refer to it by another name - like pect-pocket, chest wallet or the briefcase badg
 A portrait by John Pederson
Imagine sitting at your favorite café when—all of a suddenly—an idea so original, and with so much potential pops into your head that you flag down the waiter for a pen to scribble it on your napkin. Pure genius! How did you not t
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 Summertime Blues by John Pederson
Luck is not something this Yank has had too much of lately. I’ve spent the month since graduation plastering my walls with rejection letters; my girlfriend of four years and I recently split up, and—to top it off—my car was towed
 I'm Just Sayin'...Better luck next time by John Pederson
Matthew Dorman is out of step with the Halloween ritual. The 28-year-old showed up in Culvers restaurant on Northport Drive two weeks ago with a fake beard and pistol. He demanded money but ended up with a refresher in due process.
 Shortest shortsShortest shorts by John Pederson
CHS cross-country wears the shortest of shorts,To run fast and look sexy while out on the course.Shards of blue and gold but mostly naked skin,for we know what really matters lies deep within.
 Heart in it by John Pederson
The idea of a farming makeover for the “Put Your Heart In It” show immediately drew me in. I loved the idea of combining a Green Acres plot with a make-over program and thought the spin-off Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was a clever a
 Army of One by John Pederson
Today, Amanda Gino faces the same stress as any other college student during the final exams, but this twenty-year-old Iraq veteran also remembers a time when she struggled alone, far away from her fellow students at the University of Wisconsin-Ma
 My mom the ice queen by John Pederson
We used to gather at the neighborhood ice rink at about the same time every night. We were on a tough schedule back then: dinner at six, followed by snowball fights, sled races, and boot hockey.We’d savor the day’s
 One bobber at a time by John Pederson
I used to have a tackle box. I remember when I got my own and no longer had to share one with my brother. We would sit on the porch, organizing our lures. I remember the smell of plastic worms and fish attractant that would leave tiny oil spots on
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