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Jane Eagle

Jane Eagle

Currently I’m studying in Greece. I also write poems in the morning and articles at night. The poems are quite hilarious; about my articles I’m not so sure what they are exactly. I love cinema - let’s say arts in general, yeah that includes everything - and baking apple pies: myavatar-je.blogspot.com
 Ergonomics and wet flies by Jane Eagle
Who missed me? Gather around. Wow! What a crowd of… friendly ghosts. Oh, me and my sarcasm!You’re wondering what I’m going to talk about. Nothing much… I’d only like to comment on this beautiful i
 Jane of Thought: Psycholove by Jane Eagle
 International Day of the World's (Indigenous) People by Jane Eagle
I was just thinking about this day, the 9th of August, the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People and it just hit me… why don’t we dedicate a day for celebrating people, I mean all people, all kinds of people, of sexe
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 Jane of Thought: Mother's Day, yeah baby! by Jane Eagle
Hellooooo!!! Who missed me? Ok, alright, wow so many, get in line, don’t push each other… but enough of me, this is not a special day for me after all ‘cause I got no kids. Today it’s Mother’s Day, so come on, go and
  Jane of Thought: Hail for International Literacy Day by Jane Eagle
Hey there stranger, come on keeeeeep reading this article in all your glory ‘cause that’s what this day is about -your ability to read –furthermore: to write a comment, a shopping list, a will, a birthday
 One pair of eyes for this day by Jane Eagle
Napoleon Bonaparte said: “Un bon croquis vaut mieux qu'un long discourse.” In English: “A good sketch is better than a long speech”. "Still
 Irving Penn and Female Beauty by Jane Eagle
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Irving, oh rhyme’s not good, can I call you Stanley? Yeah it doesn’t rhyme either but it reminds me of Marlon in A Streetcar Named Desire
 Depp stands for Idiot by Jane Eagle
I woke up rather roughly this morning, hmm from a dream (oh what a dream! Inappropriate both for minors and adults, hehe). I got up… and dressed up and went out & got laid. Hahaha, Jack Kerouac, not me. Let
 It's a sad and beautiful world by Jane Eagle
Ok, great, focus people: We’re talking here about the third creation of an independent, gorgeous filmmaker by the name of Jim Jarmusch (bold his name spelling in your mind please!!): The movie Down by Law co
 Jane of Thought: Keep it fake by Jane Eagle
It happens that many times people feel threatened by life even more than death. Because life - the mysterious woman that she is - secrets surprises, while the eternal, distant travel with Captain Death is a given end. Generally speaking, the confr
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