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Jan Sand

Jan Sand

I was born in Manhattan, New York, grew up to the age of 12 in Brooklyn, and resided until the age of 36 in Manhattan. I took a degree in industrial design at Pratt Institute and worked in New York until I was designated field man for a New York firm for an exhibition by the US Commerce Dept in Helsinki, where I met my wife. Since then, I worked in Berlin, Paris, Tel Aviv and in the USA.
 Just Suppose...Just Suppose... by Jan Sand
When I was a kid, back in the early 1930’s, there wasn’t a hell of a lot of well conceived good science fiction around. Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs took a stab at it but the only writer that impressed me
 The Brain GameThe Brain Game by Jan Sand
This is an attempt of an amateur to explain my own view of the nature of what I am and how I function. I make no claims of validity or expertise in this area, merely indicate it is what makes sense to me and invokes no eleme
 Words and PicturesWords and Pictures by Jan Sand
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 ViscosityViscosity by Jan Sand
The drip and drop of honey, of oil,Has a velocity determined byViscosity.A kind of stickiness to control the flowOf how quickly something should go.
 Adventures Into CuriosityAdventures Into Curiosity by Jan Sand
Einstein’s confession as denial,Perhaps a trap to capture a smile,Was to proclaim his mental brilliance,As a mistake…It was all merely a product of
 Money And LifeMoney And Life by Jan Sand
The famous remark about money and capability has always been: \"If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?\"Louis Agassiz, the scientist, once remarked, \"I cannot afford to waste my time making money.\" In ot
 The SpearThe Spear by Jan Sand
That a wild thought flungWith the needle point of sharp suppositionInto the dense fog of possibilityMight strike a fugitive actuality,Is slim.
 Old ThoughtsOld Thoughts by Jan Sand
Old age has thrown its cloak on meBlurring eyesight,Slowing down my walk,Blocking off old friendsWho have problems of their own…Or more like
 Nimble LeapNimble Leap by Jan Sand
The Jack-be-nimble, with his trick,Leaped above the candlestick,Occupied a time and spaceNot far from that ancient placeWhere Alley Oop, on dinosaur,
 SisyphusSisyphus by Jan Sand
That stone which rolled so wellUp and down the mountainIs now cracked, fractured in finalities.It murmurs in distinct groanThat its end is near.Tha
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