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Jan Sand

Jan Sand

I was born in Manhattan, New York, grew up to the age of 12 in Brooklyn, and resided until the age of 36 in Manhattan. I took a degree in industrial design at Pratt Institute and worked in New York until I was designated field man for a New York firm for an exhibition by the US Commerce Dept in Helsinki, where I met my wife. Since then, I worked in Berlin, Paris, Tel Aviv and in the USA.
 The KeyholeThe Keyhole by Jan Sand
I caught an interview on the radio, the other day, of an astronaut who described the qualification tests. On a trip to outer space they are confined for days to the control cabin of the shuttle and a slightly larger sp
 The Numbers GameThe Numbers Game by Jan Sand
The numbersOne and two and three,Small steps towards infinity,Where imagination crashesAnd the universe falls to ashes.They have
 PatternsPatterns by Jan Sand
There are all sorts. One dimensional, two dimensional, three dimensional, four dimensional, five dimensional and so on up. The word \"dimension\" means to measure and it is not only extensions in space and time that can be measured.
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 Go FigureGo Figure by Jan Sand
Like the average guy I shop for various items in a store and try to keep the prices in my head so that when I approach the cash register I have a vague idea about how badly I am about to be hit. But living in the real world is like being under
 BalanceBalance by Jan Sand
The sway of come what mayThat swings the sense of everythingTo convey the fundamental verticalityAnd undermine reality, diffuse,Confuse, abuse, misuse,
 Facing In and Facing OutFacing In and Facing Out by Jan Sand
A good many animals have tails and I consider it a personal tragedy that I am missing one. A well-articulated prehensile tail could be a very useful addition to my physiology. While I\'m typing at my word processor I would very much appreciate
 Sucking SpaghettiSucking Spaghetti by Jan Sand
Recently, somewhere on the net, there has been a hectic discussion of the physical impossibility of anyone sucking spaghetti. It is easily accepted that sucking liquid through a straw is explained by the atmosphere pushing on the surface of the
 Nature of religionNature of religion by Jan Sand
Although religion has always had the capability to raise dissention, there are times, such as the present, when the situation seems more exacerbated than usual.
 In The CaseIn The Case by Jan Sand
No stuffed bird in a museum displayCan convey the twitch and swirl thatEvents hurl at something struggling to stayAlive.The march of feathers in a wing or breas
 Kicking a Dead HorseKicking a Dead Horse by Jan Sand
There is a very old story of a canny farmer whose life style was to wring every last cent out of all of his operations. He cut down on his own food and maintenance to the bare bone and, for a while, made extreme experiments on his horse to cut
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