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Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman

As an internet missionary (www.freewebs.com/freegrace) and freelance writer I am mission-minded (Math. 28:18). My purpose is two-fold: To prayerfully and financially support Missions Committees, which collaborates with other churches in supporting national and international missions. And also to aid funding of the Homeless Drop-In Center in Wichita, Kansas. I emphasize Christian Apologetics; fossilization, carbon-14 dating, dinosaurs in the Bible (and contemporary of man), eternal security (once saved, always saved), etc.
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 The Origins of Thanksgiving by Jack Wellman
The original Thanksgiving goes all the way back to 1619 near Plymouth, Massachusetts and was actually an anniversary of the settlement there.  There is some historical evidence that Spanish explorers observed a Thanksgiving feast in 1655 whil
 The Powers in the Message - Not the Messenger by Jack Wellman
In my latest door-to-door evangelism I was so inspired by those who have no hope in this world.  I was also edified by Christians praying for me that an open door of the gospel would provided.  I take heart in the fact that God uses the
 Become as Little Children by Jack Wellman
A very touching true story was also about a young boy.  This boy showed the trusting faith and deep love that is
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 Should Harold Camping Be A Stockbroker or a Sports Bookie? by Jack Wellman
Since Harold Camping has failed in predicting the end of the world several times now, I have an idea.  Perhaps he should be in the Stock Market business.  He might have better luck in choosing what stocks to buy and which ones to avoi
 Who is the Author of the Gospel of Mark? by Jack Wellman
Mark (John Mark) wrote the Gospel of Mark but Papias believed that Peter is the original source for this material since Mark spent considerable time with Peter, particularly in Rome, and likely wrote down Peter’s eyewitness account of his ex
 Charles Spurgeon on the Ten Commandments by Jack Wellman
Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) is one of my favorite preachers of old.  He really knew how to evangelize.  In his lifetime he is known to have preached to over 10 million people. His audiences averaged about 10 thousand. He taught the Ten
 Miracle Healers or Fake Dealers? by Jack Wellman
I have so many friends that I keep in contact with.  Brothers and sisters in the Lord and I continually put them on my daily prayer list.  Many of them know who they are but I keep their names confidential.  Recently we had one of our churc
 Pray for your Pastor by Jack Wellman
I have sat on Pastoral Search Committees and now as a pastor I am not sure I would have chosen me!  But imagine hearing about this pastoral candidate.  This pastor had  very serious health concerns.  He has had chronic health p
 The Great Omission by Jack Wellman
The word “earth” residing in the context of the Great Commission means a great deal to me because for many years I was disobedient and it was for me the “great omission. “  Acts 1:8 is one of the five times that Jesus
 Carnal Christians by Jack Wellman
Most Christians are not aware of how serious it is to add to what Jesus Christ has finished. It could be the difference between whether or not that person is saved or not.  I am not saying that works are not important because they are evidenc
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