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Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman

As an internet missionary (www.freewebs.com/freegrace) and freelance writer I am mission-minded (Math. 28:18). My purpose is two-fold: To prayerfully and financially support Missions Committees, which collaborates with other churches in supporting national and international missions. And also to aid funding of the Homeless Drop-In Center in Wichita, Kansas. I emphasize Christian Apologetics; fossilization, carbon-14 dating, dinosaurs in the Bible (and contemporary of man), eternal security (once saved, always saved), etc.
 Last Dying Wish by Jack Wellman
 The High Cost of Freedom by Jack Wellman
Red, white, and blue we do displayFor patriots gave their bestNo greater cost did they payDo many now lay at restWashington, York, and even LeeWithout a second thoughtSo you and I are this day fre
 God is in the Storm by Jack Wellman
I have a former church member who remains a very close friend of mine even today.  This man is going through some very terrible trials right now.  Before I was called into the ministry, this man was our worship music leader. 
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 The Centenarian by Jack Wellman
Don Revert, a U.S. Army veteran from Worl
 Great Love Has No Man by Jack Wellman
My seminary professor once told me about a father whose young son was constantly
 Dying for Company by Jack Wellman
Nursing homes are one of the fastest growing populations in the U
 The Ministry of Martha by Jack Wellman
My beloved wife’s name is Martha.  She would be upset with me if she knew I wrote this about her.  Her ministry is more than a pastor’s wife. It is truly the work of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  My wife’s name not only
 Happy Birthday Ovi Magazine by Jack Wellman
Not only have I grown in the last seven years, so has Ovi Magazine.  I can look back at some of the articles I have written in the last few years and now cringe with embarrassment.  I am surprised that I wrote with such naïvet
 The Origins of Christmas by Jack Wellman
Christmas is a special time of year and one of the greatest of the Christian Holidays.  In fact, the word holiday originally comes from the word Holy Day.  It seems to be politically incorrect for many to say "Merry Christmas"
 Black and Bruised Friday by Jack Wellman
The recent Black Friday is one of the main reasons that I do not go shopping on that day.  It is much too dangerous.  It reminds me of one of the food chains famous slogan but please allow me to change it slightly: “31 Million Serv
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