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Gush Shalom

Gush Shalom

The primary aim of Gush Shalom is to influence Israeli public opinion and lead it towards peace and conciliation with the Palestinian people: www.gush-shalom.org
 A fictional Palestine never to become reality and a collision course by Gush Shalom
In Congress Netanyahu rejects peace, offers a fictional Palestine never to become reality and embarks on a collision course with the Palestinians and the whole world.The speech of PM Netanyahu in the US Congress was compose
 Protesting Abu Tir's definition as an 'illegal alien' by Gush Shalom
Most activists were left outside, as were several of Abu Tir's family and friends, as "the courtroom was too small"
 It is shameful that artists, for monetary gain, give legitimacy to a West Bank settler enterprize by Gush Shalom
Assaf Amdursky, Ivri Lider, Barry Sakharov, Shalom Hanoch, Arkadi Duchin and "The Friends of Natasha" are due to perform at the Mitzpe Shalem Settlement near the factory of the "Ahava" Company.   Gush Shalom: 
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 Writing on the Wall by Gush Shalom
The writing on the wall – I saw it in Sheikh Jarrah, sitting on the floor of the detainee car, looking through the barsHow I was detained and interrogated for expressing solidarity with the expelled Palestinians.- Ofra Ben Artz
 A legal and moral obligation violated by Gush Shalom
Since the occupation in 1967, Israel took control over most of the water sources in the West Bank, and uses them for Israeli clients and especially for settlers. The mountain acquifer is considered a joint (Palestinian-Israeli) water reservoir
 The Isracard Company threatens to sue Gush Shalom by Gush Shalom
The credit card company "Isracard" reacted sharply to the public protest initiated by Gush Shalom. Gush Shalom Spokesperson Adam Keller got this morning an angry fax from Ayala Tidhar and Orit Hangali of the Isracard Marketing & Fore
 10 Ways to Kill Fatah by Gush Shalom
979 DAYS HAVE passed since the soldier Gilad Shalit was taken prisoner. On any one of these days it would have been possible to free him for the price fixed by Hamas right from the beginning: 450 "important" Palestinian prisoners, in add
 The Great Gamble by Gush Shalom
"IACTA ALEA EST" – the die is cast – said Julius Caesar and crossed the River Rubicon on his way to conquer Rome. That was the end of Roman democracy.We don’t have a Julius Caesar. But we do have an
 Ms Tantalus by Gush Shalom
TANTALUS IS punished by the Gods for reasons that are not entirely clear. He is hungry and thirsty, but the water in which he stands recedes when he bends down to drink from it and the fruit above his head continually evades his hand.
 The Boss Has Gone Mad by Gush Shalom
169 YEARS before the Gaza War, Heinrich Heine wrote a premonitory poem of 12 lines, under the title “To Edom”. The German-Jewish poet was talking about Germany, or perhaps all the nations of Christian Europe. This is what he wrote (in
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