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Giorgos Vrachliotis

Giorgos Vrachliotis

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 Caffeinated: Congratulations suckers! by Giorgos Vrachliotis
Congratulations suckers!You succeeded in making me flee this shithole. In other words, a short intro-duction to the Greek higher education system.The basic idea...... or at least what it
 The Minority Report by Giorgos Vrachliotis
The Minority Report In Greece in October we will be having our local “mayor” elections. There is a very interesting story going on in Thrace (northern Gre
 Caffeinated: Night Shift by Giorgos Vrachliotis
Night ShiftAnd why I like it so much!!! Working in a hotel’s front office is a very demanding job, not necessarily hard yet demanding. Apart from the long hours
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 Caffeinated: Countryside VS the City by Giorgos Vrachliotis
The longest traffic jam I’ve ever seenCountryside VS the CityRight now I’m travelling through some forests returning to the city from a weekend at my parents house in Corfu island and I’m th
 Caffeinated: Christmas is here by Giorgos Vrachliotis
Christmas is here25th December 2005Christmas never was my most preferred time of the year but I never say no to some time off school and work.What I like the most is the weather. You can wear anything you
 Caffeinated: Only woman in the Koran by Giorgos Vrachliotis
On the 17/11/73 in Athens a tank invaded the polytechnic University (of Athens) because a group of students having created a radio station were undermining the military regime. Exactly one year later the first leg
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