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George Cassidy Payne

George Cassidy Payne

George Cassidy Payne is originally from the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. He now lives and works in the City of Rochester, New York. George is a poet, photographer, essayist, professor of philosophy, and social worker.

George's poetry has been included in a variety of  journals and magazines, including Chronogram Magazine, Allegro Poetry Journal, Mojave Heart, the Red Porch Review, Albany Up the River Poets Journal, Teahouse, The Adirondack Almanack,The Mindful Word, Talker of the Town, Pulsar, Moria Poetry Journal, Ampersand Literary Review, and many others.

George's letters and editorials have appeared in The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the South China Morning Post, the Syracuse Post-Standard, the Buffalo News, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Minority Reporter, Chicago Crusader, Amsterdam News, and the Albany Times Union.

When he is not writing or taking photographs of natural landscapes, he works as a domestic violence counselor, adjunct instructor of philosophy, and social justice activist. George has a beautiful wife and two wonderful children named Mendon and Ellison. You can reach him at 585-703-9230/icaj2000@yahoo.com.

 How To Resolve a Self ContradictionHow To Resolve a Self Contradiction by George Cassidy Payne
How To Resolvea Self ContradictionI pray to Godbut don\'t believeDoes Godbelieve in me
 Georgia O'Keefe's TaosGeorgia O'Keefe's Taos by George Cassidy Payne
is time collecting prints on the thumbs of sage smudged hills.A translucent blue topaz lightdisappearingbeneath half-
 Self Portrait as a FrogletSelf Portrait as a Froglet by George Cassidy Payne
First I feedon mother\'s yolkattached am I to her algae soft fingersthen I start the process freshcovered by tiny teeth,my lungs chewing away
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 Out of Nothing Out of Nothing by George Cassidy Payne
My love for you is gravitationally balancedbut unstable. A system of huge swirling whirlpools endlessly recycled as repulsive forces that expand with constant acceleration, like sta
 A Graveyard MeditationA Graveyard Meditation by George Cassidy Payne
I know the forests are burning to the charnel ground, and probably, there is little that can be done about it nowYet sometimes the best medicine is a m
 Blue MountainBlue Mountain by George Cassidy Payne
Anointed by the elementsyou are my blueeyed mountain jewel, my empty breeze returning togreet the lipsof a valley asleep in the sky
 Joshua TreeJoshua Tree by George Cassidy Payne
is a place that has nothingto do with us. A place wheredeer sleep and mammoth didbefore them. Hidden and heldin place by a secret grammarof grace,
 SaturnaliaSaturnalia by George Cassidy Payne
I did not believe them.You are so much more than a giant, spinning ballof hydrogen and helium. When they doubted you,I saw you radiating outmore tha
 Mobius StripMobius Strip by George Cassidy Payne
To forgive is to release. To let go. To be held.To arrive at where we want to end,we grasp for it. Without knowing how to hold our own hand,we cling to it. Where we came from,Jesus a
 A Definition of TimeA Definition of Time by George Cassidy Payne
On a dead-end block inan Atlanta suburb,she lays down to drinkalone, not giving a damnabout being marriedin the finest old oak casksor being distinctive with a hint of perfe
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