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Floco Tausin

Floco Tausin

The name Floco Tausin is a pseudonym. The author has studied at the Faculty of the Humanities at the University of Bern, Switzerland. In theory and practice he is engaged in the research of subjective visual phenomena in connection with altered states of consciousness and the development of consciousness as such. In 2009, he published the mystical story “Mouches Volantes” about the spiritual dimension of eye floaters.
 Luminous Essence - Floater Structures in the Ancient Mesoamerican Art by Floco Tausin
Eye floaters
 Of Sun Disks, World Portals and Medicine Wheels - Floater Structures in the Ancient North American Art by Floco Tausin
 Floaters and the I ChingFloaters and the I Ching by Floco Tausin
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 The Shining Sphere at the End of the Tunnel - Eye Floaters and Near-Death ExperiencesThe Shining Sphere at the End of the Tunnel - Eye Floaters and Near-Death Experiences by Floco Tausin
 Shamash, Ishtar and Igigi - Floater structures in ancient MesopotamiaShamash, Ishtar and Igigi - Floater structures in ancient Mesopotamia by Floco Tausin
 Lights from the Other World. by Floco Tausin
 In the Eye of Ra - Floater structures in the visual arts of ancient Egypt by Floco Tausin
In Western culture, the phenomenon of vitreous floaters (or muscae volitantes) is primarily understood in line with modern ophthalmology as “vitreous opacities”. The review of visual arts from former and non-Western cultures represe
 Vitreous opacity vs. nervous system - Do eye floaters arise from the visual nervous system? by Floco Tausin
For centuries, scholars have found different explanation for eye floaters, the mobile, scattered and transparent spheres and strings in our visual field. Early on, the origin was thought to be in the eye and the phenomenon was considered a disorder or
 "Hair standing on end" - Prickle feelings in spirituality and holistic medicine by Floco Tausin
Many of us experience that prickle feeling with the body hair standing on end and the skin looking like “goose bumps” time and again. It is usually associated or identified with chills, shiver and certain emotional states. Less know
 Cocoons and fibers - Eye floaters as a source of inspiration for Carlos Castaneda? by Floco Tausin
The anthropologist and cult writer Carlos Castaneda (CC) has substantially contributed to the emergence of a Western New Age shamanism. From the 1960s until his death in April 1998, CC published more than ten books, all of which he declared as ant
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