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Emmanuel Sigauke

Emmanuel Sigauke

Emmanuel Sigauke was born in Zimbabwe, where he started writing at the age of thirteen. After graduating from the University of Zimbabwe with a BA in English, he moved to California where he completed graduate studies. He teaches English at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, where he is an editor of the Cosumnes River Journal.  He has published poetry in journals and magazines in Zimbabwe, Ireland and the United States. His recent publications have appeared in Virtual Poet, Slow Trains Journal, Ibhuku, and African Writer.com.
 Writing, Language, and Inspiration by Emmanuel Sigauke
This is a topic I have been quiet about for a long time, but lately I have been thinking. When I was an active member of the Budding Writers Association of Zimbabwe (BWAZ), I often ran into people who criticized the idea of writers’ organiza
 "Can't Break Up Here" by Emmanuel Sigauke
You wait until we plungeinto this expensive dinner,unfurl your discontent, your resentmentof the calls, the name even: the pictureof another whispering to metwists the duct of your anger
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