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Eleana Winter-Irving

Eleana Winter-Irving

I was born in India during the war in 1942, educated in both England and Australia, travelled extensively and also a Gnostic teacher. I am a single mother of 2 daughters, live alone on 245 acres. Do all my own work on my land. I built my own house, plumbing and electrical, landscaping, vegie garden and orchard. Can handle a 12 bore shot gun if I have to and still use a chainsaw
 About MenAbout Men by Eleana Winter-Irving
 CSG Mining will ruin this planetCSG Mining will ruin this planet by Eleana Winter-Irving
I have been wanting to write an article/blog on CSG (Coal Seam Gas) now for a very long time, but I have been putting it off for several reasons. One, I am not a technical person, being predominantly right brained and I find wri
 Injustice and its RamificationsInjustice and its Ramifications by Eleana Winter-Irving
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 December 21st 2012 PossibilitiesDecember 21st 2012 Possibilities by Eleana Winter-Irving
 Gnostic vs. ReligionGnostic vs. Religion by Eleana Winter-Irving
This is what it is like being a Gnostic talking to a person of ‘faith’ or a person who follows a religion; including Buddhism, which is really more a way of life, rather than worshiping a single god.  So let me
 Very Disappointed with the 21st CenturyVery Disappointed with the 21st Century by Eleana Winter-Irving
During the latter part of the 20th century, I saw a disturbing downward trend. There was a fear of another World War looming and many unethical practices going un-punished. However, I saw the 21st century as a renewal, a correction of
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