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Edward Dutton

Edward Dutton

Edward Dutton has a PhD in the Anthropology of Religion from Aberdeen University in Scotland.
 The real intolerance in Finland by Edward Dutton
Foreigners living in Finland are a disparate bunch, many of whom get by in English. They are here for a variety of reasons, frequently because they’ve ended-up marrying a Finn. It can be very di
 Thank you, J.C. by Edward Dutton
Lumina Polaris are part of one of the most peculiar sub-genres in music: Christian Heavy Metal. Many bands in such obscure sub-genres (whether 'Christian Pop' or 'New Age Folk') tend to be pretty mediocre within the broader genre a
 Lordi, Finland and 'the Sacred' by Edward Dutton
One friend of mine summed it up quite well, 'If Lordi wins the Eurovision Song Contest then Finland will go mad.' Some might say that she is a master of the understatement. On the night of the monster-masked, heavy metal band's success
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 A Finn crosses the line by Edward Dutton
Why is that so many books, plays . . . even cartoons . . . that stir-up controversy and are defended in the name of 'freedom of speech' really aren't that good? The history of the battle between free speech and censorship is littered w
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