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Edna Nelson

Edna Nelson

Currently living in the Helsinki Metro area, native New Yorker and half-Finn Edna Nelson has been learning Finnish, filling note books, adjusting to the culture and producing her journal-comic series “I <3 Me”. After living in Florida for a year and a half she realized that a she wasn’t ready to act in that 2 car garage production just yet and opted out. Packed her bags, flew to Finland and committed to the hope of living her dreams.
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 Stay Calm, Buy Smart by Edna Nelson
Have you ever considered that maybe this economic recession is the best thing that ever happened to us? The past decade has been all about spending, lending, production and self satiation with material goods. We have seen huge cars, private jets,
 Give me one reason... by Edna Nelson
A piece of artwork from Edna Nelson: Give me one reason...  For more From the mind of Edna Nelson click
 Mike Tyson: Shades of grey by Edna Nelson
When I told a classmate of mine that I was on my way to see the movie “Tyson” (a documentary about the legendary boxer Mike Tyson by James Toback) she laughed. I had to pull out the program to prove it, and even then she couldn’t
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 From the Land of Delight by Edna Nelson
 What!? (Double Bird Strike) by Edna Nelson
January 15th 2009, a normal winter day in New York City, but no! Wait! There is a plane falling out the sky, it happened to hit a flock of geese, or at least something “Showed up on the radar”. According to eye witnesses it looked like
 Hate cannot drive out hate by Edna Nelson
The ultimate weakness of violenceis that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.Through vi
 From the mind of Edna Nelson #3 by Edna Nelson
A comic strip from the mind of Edna Nelson.For more From the mind of Edna Nelson click
 From the mind of Edna Nelson #2 by Edna Nelson
A comic strip from the mind of Edna Nelson.For more From the mind of Edna Nelson click
 Is it Hanukkah Yet? by Edna Nelson
Walking into a local shopping centre I am assailed by the Harmonic voices of some Christmas carollers, singing angelic carols to a rapt audience of would be shopping. Rather than being comforted by this holiday merriment I overcome by unwanted hom
 Happy Birthday Ovi! by Edna Nelson
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