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Edna Nelson

Edna Nelson

Currently living in the Helsinki Metro area, native New Yorker and half-Finn Edna Nelson has been learning Finnish, filling note books, adjusting to the culture and producing her journal-comic series “I <3 Me”. After living in Florida for a year and a half she realized that a she wasn’t ready to act in that 2 car garage production just yet and opted out. Packed her bags, flew to Finland and committed to the hope of living her dreams.
 The Ransom Note by Edna Nelson
“Proposal by noon or your girlfriends gone forever.” The note read. It rested limply one hand as I attempted to  rub the sleep out of my eyes with the other. Glancing the innocently childish handwriting, my immediate response w
 The Color of CarnageThe Color of Carnage by Edna Nelson
We need a new word, because what do you call a terrorist with no political motivation? What do we call someone who doesn\'t have an alternative to that which they despise, yet still choose to act in a way that makes their
 Shock and GriefShock and Grief by Edna Nelson
Tom Beidler was a person I would have liked to get closer to. His shop was a place I could v
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 Whites racially oppressed? by Edna Nelson
Recently there have been some media circulating around, the story is that whites are the new oppressed marginalized group in US. I didn't really respond until a friend sent me sent
 Love: seeing through the myth by Edna Nelson
There are plenty of movies out there about love, books too. There are self help guides to loving others well, and few books focus on what happens when loving another takes away from ones ability to love oneself. There are even fewer books on ho
 Eye Floaters: A Review by Edna Nelson
Floco Tausin's Mouches Volantes - Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness is a bore. As a person who has some knowledge of New Age Spirituality and Meditation, I was interested in the book expecting to read something new, o
 Ceebrolistics interview by Edna Nelson
Ceebrolistics have been dropping beats on Finland since the early 90's and like any experimental Hip-Hop group they are pretty complicated guys, but unlike other Hip-Hop heads I've met they are pretty friendly too. Before a show in Helsink
 The skinny on thin by Edna Nelson
By the end of last summer I was at my thinnest I was eating nothing but full grain non-processed foods, and working out for at least 30 minutes a day. Originally I adopted this routine because I was constipated, depressed, bored, scared as hell ab
 Immigrants in Finland: Part 2 by Edna Nelson
 Immigrants in Finland: Part 1 by Edna Nelson
Not too long ago before her departure to Sweden a friend and I got into a little chat about the economy. The conversation quickly progressed from the idea that economic woes could lead to more supporters of privatizing the mostly public Finnish he
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