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Dr. Derrick Lim

Dr. Derrick Lim

Dr. Derrick Lim is an American academic who has lived in Malaysia, Thailand and the U.S. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and has been published in several research journals. 

 Capturing the starsCapturing the stars by Dr. Derrick Lim
With the proliferation of modding cameras for H-alpha sensitivity, I find myself still enjoying the image through an unmodded camera. The subtle reds do give a more realistic feel to the image. For this photo, I stacked 8X6
 Chasing natures light at PBG Chasing natures light at PBG by Dr. Derrick Lim
 How to photograph the Milky Way's Galactic core - A Beginner's GuideHow to photograph the Milky Way's Galactic core - A Beginner's Guide by Dr. Derrick Lim
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 The North StarsThe North Stars by Dr. Derrick Lim
 A Missed Opportunity - CaningA Missed Opportunity - Caning by Dr. Derrick Lim
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