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Doug McGill

Doug McGill

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 After Ruin in Iraq, a New Minnesota Life Begins by Doug McGill
Raad Ghareeb uses the phrase “below zero” quite a bit, but not in the way that Minnesotans employ it during our frozen winter months.Rather, Raad deploys his personal tag line with a grin in sentences like:
 In Minnesota, Ethiopians Brace for a Dreaded Visit by Doug McGill
Pulling up folding chairs to round tables, sipping hot sweet tea out of styrofoam cups and arguing politics into the afternoon, the men at the Horn Afrik café here last weekend all had the name of one man on their lips. Every time that man’s na
 When Ethiopia Invades Somalia, Minnesota Takes a Hit by Doug McGill
It sounds a bit roundabout at first, but if Minnesotans truly want to know why Minnesota became a breeding ground for young Somalis who take up arms with Somalia
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 Ethiopia in Minnesota: The Local Front of a Distant War by Doug McGill
What am I, truly? Saint or sinner? Hero or boob? When I report the harrowing stories of the torture and persecution of Ethiopian refugees who now live safely in Minnesota, am I being “
 Ethiopia Shakes Down its Minnesota Refugees by Doug McGill
 At a Minnesota Market, Tales of a Hidden Ethiopian War by Doug McGill
The first time I heard Fatima tell her story, I answered in the natural way.“They killed my husband,” she said.  “I’m sorry for your loss,” I said.  “And they killed my son,
 Xenia is What We Need by Doug McGill
I spent a little time recently trying to dream up a name for my new weekly column in the Twin Cities Daily Planet. I tried to distill in my mind the most essential and useful work
 Eritreans in Minnesota Weigh a Dream Gone Mad by Doug McGill
The following headline popped up last week in my email alerts set for Eritrea, a tiny  nation bordering the Red Sea in the Horn of Africa: “Eritrea Shuts Christian Students into Shipping Containers.”Shippi
 Why I Write About Ethiopia by Doug McGill
“Why the hell are you messing with my country’s political affairs?” goes a typical e-mail from the dozens I’ve received this summer from readers living in Ethiopia, from immigrants living in Minnesota, and from throughout t
 An Ethiopian Politico Barnstorms Minnesota by Doug McGill
When Bulcha Demeksa, an opposition member of the Ethiopian Parliament, feels compelled to denounce the Ethiopian Prime Minister, he doesn’t bother to organize a political rally in Ethiopia or search for journalists eager to publish his rheto
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