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David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg is a world citizen, environmental & peace advocate & activist, actor, poet-playwright, storyteller, teacher and author.


 CipherCipher by David Sparenberg
tempest skyblood moondead earth below
 NOW-WAR and the SAKE of LIFENOW-WAR and the SAKE of LIFE by David Sparenberg
 The EndThe End by David Sparenberg
We have reached the end.  We lack fervor and are without water.If a dem
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 The Sculptor The Sculptor by David Sparenberg
 ENTITLEMENT of the GUNENTITLEMENT of the GUN by David Sparenberg
 Orb-weaverOrb-weaver by David Sparenberg
The tiny architect of threads works in the mirror of archetypes.  Grandmother Spider weaves
 Cosmic RayCosmic Ray by David Sparenberg
Standing in the Openheart-mind, the expansive plexus
 Lady of CorkLady of Cork by David Sparenberg
 The MachineThe Machine by David Sparenberg
This is the Machine.  It is a brute device. Its singular purpose is to annihilate life.  So thorough is the mangling of the Machine that individual remains of victims cannot be identified; entire species are often undiscernible.
 A CURE for the PLAGUEA CURE for the PLAGUE by David Sparenberg
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