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David Barger

David Barger

David Barger is the publisher and editor of Titanium Bound Writings (www.titaniumboundwritings.com). He is the author of “Bottled Up” (An Ovi Projects Book Publication 2010). His poetry has been published in Connotation Press, Word Riot, Haiku Ramblings, Word Salad Poetry Magazine, Ovi Magazine, Zylophone, and Nebo. He enjoys spending time with family and his two Boxer dogs
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 Burn, Twinge, and the Fire begins by David Barger
Black traces outline a unicornWhere a little girl lives beneath brown thorns
 My Shadow by David Barger
I could not find    My shadow todayAs the sun
 Sparrow's Reflection by David Barger
Sparrow\'s Reflection A black morning awokeWrinkled and unrobed
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 Attempting to love by David Barger
I wrote a letter Dropping it into this dry well.
 Breathless by David Barger
My lungs skipped a breathBeing influenced by a thoughtTriggered from a reflectionCaught in my eyes.I became convinced of o
 Twenty Fleeting Flashbacks by David Barger
Memories swim in lush fields,And breathe in August RiversWhere wooden building blocksOutlined by individual colors
 When the drain unclogs by David Barger
Crescent moon hangs in crystal skyLooking like the Cheshire cat’s smile
 Lies befallen me by David Barger
I have lied to my childrenLike a disgruntled employeeAllowing them to believeIn Santa Clause, and capitalizingHis name as though he really exists.
 Inspiration in the seed of hope by David Barger
There in our backyard Within the boundaries Of a worn wooden fenceIs a Japanese plum tree.
 Sleeveless Clay by David Barger
My sons do not appreciateHow fortunate they areNever understanding why tortoises Grow their shells.I lay on the hardened crustOf the earth, and the mineralsWithin press deep against my back.I
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