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Craig Houston

Craig Houston

Craig is originally from Scotland, but now lives in Helsinki with his fiancée and lunatic of a dog. He works for a magazine based in Finland but contributes to a number of different publications as a freelance writer. Dundee United, football in general and rugby remain his passions, although living in the far north has installed an unhealthy love of ice hockey in him.

 FIFA World Cup Round-Up by Craig Houston
Scotland fail while England march onA round-up of the home countries world cup progress (or lack of it)Wednesday night conjured up mixed fortunes for the British teams as qualifying for the 2010 World Cup reaches i
 The 6 Nations Championship 2009 by Craig Houston
Once again we have reached that time of the year, when all the Christmas debts are virtually paid off and the holiday period is but a blurred memory of turkey and unwanted socks. However, for rugby fans all over Europe, that means only one thing:
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