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Cosmas Mairosi

Cosmas Mairosi

Born February 8th 1977 in Mudzi, Zimbabwe. My father was a woodcarver - I see myself as a wordcarver. A qualified primary school teacher by profession, I am more into poetry, writing and performance. Have published one short story and several poems in magazines, radio, television and the internet locally and internationally. Have won poetry accolades and designed the district council logo.
 "Nehanda would frown" by Cosmas Mairosi
If Nehanda could one day walk down First StreetAnd watch our sisters like crazed animals snarl for beerAnd hear their untamed laughterIf she could watch our womenShamelessly trade their body w
 "The Demonstrator" by Cosmas Mairosi
I saw him falter in his strideThe bullets streaking into his woundsI saw him bow before the blitzArms sailing, limbs flailing,His body gyrating in the wind.I saw him dieHis body riddled wit
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