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Clint Wayne

Clint Wayne

Toon Army supporting, Newcastle Brown Ale drinking, house building, Eagles loving husband, dad and grandad who enjoys solving Sudoku and crossword puzzles on the south coast of England.
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 Sticky Backed Plastic by Clint Wayne
As all children, and now many adults, through the years will know this is the famous phrase that is synonymous with the BBC’s children’s programme "Blue Peter", the national television institution that amazingly celebrates it
 Victory Lost? by Clint Wayne
 Tears on the Toon by Clint Wayne
With the departure of Kevin Keegan for the third time from my beloved Newcastle United following a shambolic week of events that has left every ‘Toon’ supporter filled with confusion, bewilderment, outrage and finally a flat numbness,
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 Just Four Years to Go by Clint Wayne
As the immensely encapsulating Beijing Olympics draw to a close there is a real sense of anticipation and feelgood factor presently sweeping Great Britain as the 2012 London Games become a step nearer. This current excitement
 Daley Thompson: Olympic Champion by Clint Wayne
When British decathlete Daley Thompson showed up at his 1984 Los Angeles news conference following his Olympic gold winning performance he was wearing a T-shirt that posed the question “Is the World’s Second Greatest Athlete Gay?
 Nice Beavers! by Clint Wayne
A few years ago while walking in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales my wife and I thought ourselves extremely fortunate to happen upon a wild otter swimming nonchalantly upstream. It was one of those special wildlife moments that only ever seemed to ha
 Dead Parrot? by Clint Wayne
The Irish nation has spoken with a resounding NO. Will the masters of the European Union listen?Don’t be so naïve. The sheer arrogance of Brussels will simply air brush over what they conceive as a mere ‘bl
 Queen of the Waves by Clint Wayne
Various poignant moments as you pass through life help to make you realise you are getting older, so this week's visit by the Queen to bade farewell to the QE2 before she sails off to Dubai and her final resti
 Dustin' off the Eurovision by Clint Wayne
Yippee!! Eurovision is upon us once again as Belgrade hosts this year's competition. All the sad Euro-muppets will be partying through the marathon event and enthralled to know which eastern bloc country will win it this year. The carve-up
 Gone for a Barton by Clint Wayne
As a Newcastle United supporter for nearly fifty years I have witnessed all of the few ups and many downs of our famous football club but none have left me feeling more ashamed than the story behind the news this week that midfielder Joey Barton h
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