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Christos Mouzeviris

Christos Mouzeviris

A Greek living in Ireland, a Journalism student and interested in politics, history, art,nature,traveling and music. His blog aims to give an alternative perspective of EU and European politics to the citizens of EU, and re-enact their interest in European politics. He believes in an equal and prosperous Europe for all its people and nationalities, but with an equal distribution of wealth, equal opportunities and development for all the continent. He loves traveling and would like to start a travel blog as well. He created his blog, with a vision into making it a real movement: The Eblana European Democratic Movement.
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 The EU's future lies with its citizens' choices and engagement by Christos Mouzeviris
 Greece and FYROM: a march for peace and reconciliation anyone? by Christos Mouzeviris
 Why Brexit must happen now by Christos Mouzeviris
Nigel Farage has proposed a second referendum on leaving the EU to settle the issue for a generation, as he believes the result would be the same again.The former UKIP leader suggested another poll would ultimately kill off the campaign
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 We got to tell both sides of the story in sexual misconduct in Hollywood by Christos Mouzeviris
In the recent months, the showbiz industry of Hollywood and beyond has been rocked by a number of sexual harassment or misconduct allegations, against many A-listing men.   In early October 2017, The New Y
 Europe must grasp its place in the globe now by Christos Mouzeviris
 Catalonia: Europe's newest country? by Christos Mouzeviris
It has been a very dramatic weekend in Europe and the Iberian peninsula in particular last week. As the Catalans were voting for their independence, the Spanish government decided to crack down on the voters and peaceful protesters, with violen
 How could Europe tackle terrorism and extremism by Christos Mouzeviris
On May the 22nd Europe suffered yet another terrorist attack, this time in Manchester, the U.K. In this incident, 22 mainly young people lost their lives, while attending a pop concert by American singer Ariana Grand
 Why do we allow still religion to dominate our morality? by Christos Mouzeviris
A bright orange bus emblazoned with an anti-transgender message has been forced off the roads in Spain, after activists, trade unions, and Madrid City Council united against it. The slogan on the bus read: \"Boys h
 Can Europe afford to copy Japan on immigration? by Christos Mouzeviris
As Europe becomes increasingly xenophobic and populist, perhaps we need an open debate on our options on immigration. People are unaware of the numbers, figures, conditions, reasons, policies and benefits that immi
 America decides. US Presidential Elections 2016 by Christos Mouzeviris
The US Presidential Election Campaign is reaching its critical climax. On Tuesday November the 8th, the more than 200 million Americans eligible to vote, will finally get their chance. For the past few months, the debates and
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