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Bohdan Yuri

Bohdan Yuri

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 CompromiseCompromise by Bohdan Yuri
Next to my surprise did I realize, life is best served in compromise, not the kind that sets to ruins for the sake of one’s ruthless doings, but the kind that binds togethe
 StarvingStarving by Bohdan Yuri
Flowing silk saris Surround painted faces, Baubles and bangles Still hang from the past. Starving Crowds bumped apart,Ha
 The Dawn of the DINO The Dawn of the DINO by Bohdan Yuri
Yes, believe it!  On the cusp of control, the Democrats have managed to develop a new variant of the political virus: “The DINO” --- Democrats In Name Only
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 My grey shadowMy grey shadow by Bohdan Yuri
Next to me is my grey shadowthe one that falls into a shadeand holds a candle when it rains.its borrowed soul is from my ownbut I never told it what to perform.instead it hide
 The true colorsThe true colors by Bohdan Yuri
The true colors of life are black and white, and not the sparkling candles of impression that reside in the delights of double rainbows.  These carefree hues are kodacrome impo
 Wash the soot from my soulWash the soot from my soul by Bohdan Yuri
Wash the soot from my soul,I\'ve burned too manyalong the road.there isn\'t a war conspiredthat will douse the firesof man\'s most hateful desires.
 Sperm CountSperm Count by Bohdan Yuri
#1. gotta find it      gotta find it       gotta find it...      ...missed it, darn.
 LoveLove by Bohdan Yuri
How many ways can I tell you I love you?None! The language of love has no words,It is a tender sigh, a gentle touch, A warm
 Firefly DreamsFirefly Dreams by Bohdan Yuri
Fireflies whisper dreams In the forest without noise, and the night birds swoopFrom shadow stations.A wandering aspirationInvites me to search out
 What to DoWhat to Do by Bohdan Yuri
What do you doIf upon death, You\'re in a place With no time, no space. Your soul might enter A plasmid medium Of optimal existence,Neit
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