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Bohdan Yuri

Bohdan Yuri

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 SpidersSpiders by Bohdan Yuri
Spiders on the crawl send shivers to us all. but spiders on a web hold our single thoughts
 My grey shadowMy grey shadow by Bohdan Yuri
Next to me is my grey shadowthe one that falls into a shadeand holds a candle when it rains.its borrowed soul is from my ownbut I never told it what to perform.instead it hide
 Putin's Ukraine War: Who Committed the Greatest Sin of All?Putin's Ukraine War: Who Committed the Greatest Sin of All? by Bohdan Yuri
When the Ukraine War is finally frozen into a sporadic shelling across demarcation lines, a r
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 Preface to sailPreface to sail by Bohdan Yuri
Preface to sail   kiss me, gentle mist on fog’s g
 The JourneyThe Journey by Bohdan Yuri
It took me thirteen years to reach the restless ones,Wayward tales filled with Fears, a prelude to be called;A warm embrace now easily fell into a weak charade.I wish I knew wha
 Who knew herWho knew her by Bohdan Yuri
Who knew her   there\'s a hooker lying deadacross
 I'm watching you leaveI'm watching you leave by Bohdan Yuri
A look beyond the shadows of deathinvites a mistress to seduce the sorrowstill untapped, and measured in cold timeinside the collection of madhouse pleasures,old age and youth holding frail hands,
 Our march in timeOur march in time by Bohdan Yuri
Our march in time seems so sublime, yet, we cannot savor life’s forward climb.in the darkest corner of any forlorn sight there lives a demon in the long lost night.
 The Only Way Ukraine Can Win the WarThe Only Way Ukraine Can Win the War by Bohdan Yuri
One must wonder what President Zelensky must be thinking when he hears Western representatives tell him how much The West supports his efforts. And Zelesnky\'s reply is always the same, \"Yes, thank you, but we need more sup
 No matter where I goNo matter where I go by Bohdan Yuri
No matter where I goI will never fall downand not get up again,until the day I die,no matter where I go,I will try again,and again,even after I die,I h
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