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Apopseis in Greek means opinions and this site is all about opinion with our very own Thanos as usual loud adding his contribution. Apopseis hosts opinions from members of the Greek parliament from all sides, members of the society and gives room for expression to organizations and associations that fight for a better and more democratic society with freedom of speech and expression.
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 An EU under transformation and the Greek presidency by Apopseis.gr
 EU aspirins don't cure unemployment cancer in Greece by Apopseis.gr
 A turnover in Greece means change in Europe by Apopseis.gr
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 The gang of the idiots by Apopseis.gr
 Making shares out of the national sovereignty by Apopseis.gr
 Women: The Flowerbed of Civilisation by Apopseis.gr
Women: The Flowerbed of CivilisationBy Nikos LaiosNorth Sydney,Australia. Women compromise half of the world\'s
 Celebrating hospitality in Katakolo by Apopseis.gr
 How to confront the Golden Dawn by Apopseis.gr
 Evaggelos Venizelos under history's cunning by Apopseis.gr
Ο Ευάγγελος Βενιζέλος υπό την πανουρ
 Privatization games over the national energy organization damaging national interest by Apopseis.gr
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