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Annabelle Rose

Annabelle Rose

Annabelle writes articles on the interesting things she finds in life, particularly on what it is like to have a gay father. Her writing aims to show honesty of the human condition and always tries to hold a little bit of hope. She is a Scriptwriting major in Melbourne, Australia having one play produced in 2012 titled 'Taking Leave' that explores teen suicide amongst classmates and teachers in a moving and at times humourous way. Annabelle's next play titled 'The Devil's Razor' explores the lives of two men in a psychiatric centre.

 Primal Australian Beach by Annabelle Rose
You can love or you can hate walking along the beach. People barely wearing anything on a hot day, laz
 Panic at the Clinic by Annabelle Rose
 Telling your partner that your dad is gay by Annabelle Rose
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 Lovers with gay family membersLovers with gay family members by Annabelle Rose
We sat down on the sofa . I was content. I was the woman who had the man she loved beside her. There was always an understanding between us that was unsaid about our gay family members - his brother and my father - but tonight he wanted to make
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