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Amir Khatib

Amir Khatib

Amir Khatib had gone a long way in the world. He comes from the Tigris and Euphrates valley, from the cradle of our civilization but he chosen to live in Finland, the extreme north of Europe, which is considered the laboratory of the future.
 Forgiven sinsForgiven sins by Amir Khatib
I reveal to you a great secret;When I took you to the garden,It wasn\'t my intention to harvest the wet as I promised you,The nightingales and wasps have preceded me,But to eat the red
 The Comedy of the Tragedy or Sputum to the sky The Comedy of the Tragedy or Sputum to the sky by Amir Khatib
The Comedy of the Tragedy or Sputum to the sky The sun deceived usWe were defeated by our grandfathers’ landAnd the moon gave us whimper that we do not deserve
 I will not fade awayI will not fade away by Amir Khatib
I will not fade away, as they say,Rather, I will be absent for a long time,I do not return to homeland like a refugee dreams,It emerged in another place,And a sheep may
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 Write downWrite down by Amir Khatib
Yes, write down the legend whose author we do not know: The gravedigger woke up at dawn, as usual. And the stars are still winking in the sky, He started digging and singing... Dig d
 Baghdadi gateBaghdadi gate by Amir Khatib
I dreamed of a path I had never known before, its spiraling building, its glass doors without locks, and the sounds of its windows occupied me;  Voices without words are like the sound of a millstone grinding, even the passers-by were in a
 My voiceMy voice by Amir Khatib
I\'m a vegetarian by instinct, My blood is from the elixir of your raw and ripe fruits, which in drought, Did we not drink together from the same springs,
 Clouds and stonesClouds and stones by Amir Khatib
 The clouds are flying stones, cratered, gray, tinged with anxious redness when the sun rises, And a very sad redness, the hour of her absence... But the clouds keep loo
 Dark mistDark mist by Amir Khatib
Dark mist fills the universe, I am filled with cold facts around me and inside me, There is nothing in this place abdicates its responsibility to exist.
 Deadly coldDeadly cold by Amir Khatib
Deadly cold unites the world, where it\'s hard to cry, Tear crystals attached to the cilia, Ceramic pieces fall on the stone and smash... Wh
 Acting on freedom of opinionActing on freedom of opinion by Amir Khatib
I can express my opinion because I have lived and worked in Europe for more than thirty years, and when you live in a country or geographical area for more than half your life, you understand a lot.
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