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Amir Khatib

Amir Khatib

Amir Khatib had gone a long way in the world. He comes from the Tigris and Euphrates valley, from the cradle of our civilization but he chosen to live in Finland, the extreme north of Europe, which is considered the laboratory of the future.
 Once again turned back Once again turned back by Amir Khatib
Once again turned back  (On long paths, looking back is a source of reassurance and safety) Once again my eyes go to that place; To a square mark the side
 Forgiven sinsForgiven sins by Amir Khatib
I reveal to you a great secret;When I took you to the garden,It wasn\'t my intention to harvest the wet as I promised you,The nightingales and wasps have preceded me,But to eat
 At dawnAt dawn by Amir Khatib
at dawn, When the top of the mountain shines Like a legendary sapphire crown, And the night has filled my heart with lusts, I have a
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 In the fieldsIn the fields by Amir Khatib
Here, in the fields, I try to smell the lilies, it\'s so many, And until I\'m done with it, The freshest ones wither.
 I didI did by Amir Khatib
Like one who spins his dreams with threads of light Make the laughs that fuel my steps And my hours every day Like waiting for the sun to rise meditatively
 Oh my...Oh my... by Amir Khatib
The country mail did not arrive! I try to remember, when was the last time, I do not remember;  But he did not arrive long ago. I try to write to people I know,
 To a prisonerTo a prisoner by Amir Khatib
To a prisoner The people carried their commandments and left... On the way, the oldest of them shivered in doubt; Who is following him?
 The girl and the roseThe girl and the rose by Amir Khatib
The girl and the rose  ................. of gypsy songs translated from Russian Under the net a rose grows, It must grow! My breasts
 The clavicleThe clavicle by Amir Khatib
I play the clavicle, There is no comparison or comparison I roll the days, the feathers of the wings, As the eruption of the bone fi
 A dreamA dream by Amir Khatib
Came in a dream As if I count stars on a clothesline, I fold one in my basket and leave another wet with clouds. A fresh blue devouring the scene. Wheneve
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