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Alexander Mikhaylov

Alexander Mikhaylov

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Once I’d tried to be everything: a rock musician, a street sweeper, a carpenter, a circus clock room attendant, a night guard, an artist, a music instructor, and a rock group manager. I emigrated to USA as political refugee in 1989. I’ve been living in Europe for the last eight years.
 Gay haterGay hater by Alexander Mikhaylov
He was one of the ’Murphy’s’ regulars althoughNobody talked to him or knew his name He was a huge guy: when you looked at him all you saw was A true mountain of fat, greasy hair, cannonball
 Jorge Pesantez: Thank you for a great birthday present!Jorge Pesantez: Thank you for a great birthday present! by Alexander Mikhaylov
Oh, my! Am I getting older? Apparently I am. Just last week I celebrated my birthday (43rd, it was). I received two presents. One was from my wife (she knows I love presents). The other one was from the guy whom I had never seen before and will
 Short trip to ban'osShort trip to ban'os by Alexander Mikhaylov
Sometimes I grow frustrated with my pathological laziness. Consider this: to live in a Spanish speaking country for a year and never learn to speak Spanish properly – just how lazy can you be? I have gained knowledge of a number of words
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 On being an artistOn being an artist by Alexander Mikhaylov
I started to write at the age of nine, which was not a rare activity for a kid of my age – many of my peers did the same thing. We were born in a culture where writing poetry and short stories were considered a normal pastime, a game that
 Prague ZooPrague Zoo by Alexander Mikhaylov
It is yet another hot and dusty afternoon, full of laziness and dog shit, drying on pavement. Valerie and I are resting on a bench in the Prague Zoo’s picnic area, holding half empty beer cups, smoking and admiring the view. It is surpris
 On the power of dreamsOn the power of dreams by Alexander Mikhaylov
People underestimate the power of dreams. Of course, taken out of a context, the very word ‘dream’ might be a bit confusing.  Merriam – Webster’s 11th Collegiate Dictionary defines a dream as - ‘a series of th
 EmbarrassmentEmbarrassment by Alexander Mikhaylov
Surprise, surprise… Is it true or not? Notorious critic of the Soviet Invasion and Russia-hater Milan Kundera is a former Secret Police spy. Wow! I wonder how many people are gloating over this fact now. I am not sure if I feel like gloat
 Ecuador, me and all those catsEcuador, me and all those cats by Alexander Mikhaylov
It is a quiet afternoon, maybe a bit too quiet for my liking On the other hand, it is a perfect time toGo ahead and try to do some work,How about some work?Trudging upstairsEntering a te
 Foreigners, go away!Foreigners, go away! by Alexander Mikhaylov
When you travel extensively, or indeed live in various countries for years, you cannot avoid getting acquainted with different cultures. Personally, I always enjoy it, even though moving from place to place comes with a pri
 Lonely devilLonely devil by Alexander Mikhaylov
Loneliness...Without bounds, borders...For how many years? Only lonelinessComplete, unbreakable, the wall… The desert, the ocean, the sky…They speak of cultures, countries, p
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