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Mephistophilis (Beatitudes of Hell) Mephistophilis (Beatitudes of Hell)
by David Sparenberg
2013-04-29 09:00:16
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Why this is hell, nor am I out of it. * 

Blessed are you children of destitution, for you shall drink from the waters of death.

Blessed are you mothers whose homes are in war zones, for you shall witness the bombing of your families.

Blessed are you overeaters, who crowd the drive thrus of fast foods while millions starve.  For the obese shall inherit the diseases of obesity.

Blessed are old men going to their graves without a crust of bread.  And old women, toothless, who pray without hope and whose departing breath is stolen by a pregnant fly.

Blessed are the obermenschen who fly on silver wings and on magic carpets, while multitudes crawl and search, in desperation, for scraps of dignity.

Blessed are you Satan who is called Legion and who baptizes in blood.

Blessed are you murder that out of the mustard seed of Cain’s first fratricide has spread over the face of the earth and by now has equated eternity with extinction.

Blessed are you Beelzebub, parent of lies, who cannot be exorcised from the human heart, and blessed are you crime straining with the labor of ominicide.

Blessed are the ego-bloated and half educated, for they shall bring back into the world the politics of maggots.

And blessed are the fires of hell.

*from The Tragical History of the Life & Death of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe


David Sparenberg

25 April 2013


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Emanuel Paparella2013-04-29 11:57:15
Thank you David for reminding us via Marlowe’s Faustian bargain with the devil of the conflict between the two worlds in which we presently live and have our being: that of knowledge and learning (science) for its own sake devoid of ultimate meaning (the clever by half) and that of the humanities tied to ethics and righteous pursuits.

A theme this perhaps worth pursuing in Ovi among poets and philosophers who contribute to it, but I’ll leave that up to its editors... In any case I prefer Goethe’s Faust where ultimately Faust goes to heaven despite the bargain with Mephistopheles (written in his own blood) who loses the bet with God with the angels declaring that “He who strives and lives to strive/can earn redemption still.”

Could it be that one of the reasons why Faust ultimately is saved is that he does not seek power through knowledge but merely access to the transcendent knowledge (what Kant calls the numenal) denied to the rational mind? That is to say, Faust is not after Gnostic knowledge but after the pursuit of truth, even if leads to hell? Perhaps this question may be worth pursuing without of course making any Faustian bargains with Mephistopheles.

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